I've made a map!!!

Here it is http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileShare.aspx?player=IAMHIJKLM15.

So give me your opinions, and the map and screenshots described it better that I can so anyway.


May I recommend you read through the spawning tutorials at Forging Reach?

I recommend you simply make all Respawn Points neutral team assigned, then remove all Respawn Zones. Then cover the red half of the map with a red team assigned Respawn Zone and the blue half of the map with a blue team assigned Respawn Zone. This will make your spawning layout far more efficient and allow your map to fully support FFA game play.

The layout of the structure appears interesting. I would have to play on it to give you more feedback. If you are looking for feedback and not finding any here, you might try ForgeHub.

We need more details.
Generally a descent map post has the following information:

  • Map Name
  • Req players
  • Best game-type
  • Description
  • Screenshots!