I've Learned My Lesson

Good Evening 343,

I’m addressing you today about the topic of my current ban on Halo Reach, Pc. I’m currently banned until Jan 15 2020 for manipulating the xp system in order to maximize the amount of xp received resulting in expedited leveling. I was banned for this because this is manipulating the way the game is intended to be played and violates the es spirit de corps of the game. This way of playing is heinous and ruins the game for other halo enthusiasts. Understanding why the ban was put into place and understanding why my incompetent actions resulted in a ban. I request for the ban to be lifted so that I may yet again enjoy halo for the reasons I fell in love with the game. I promise to not tarnish the reputation of the game with anymore heinous actions and to play the game we all love the way it was intended to be.

Hello there ChetasOfSimic,

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to appeal this ban. You were caught trying to artificially advance through the progression system. They took quick action to make sure the playerbase could continue to enjoy the game how it was meant to be played.

“We are aware of players negatively impacting the experience for others by attempting to artificially advance through the progression system in MCC. We have investigated these reports, taken action on known offenders, and will follow-up with additional action as needed.”

If you believe that the system caught you by accident, please submit a ticket on the @HaloSupport site:

Happy Gaming,

What do you did ?

Bans of this nature generally do not get lifted OP, you’ll have to wait it out.