I've Hated Forge Maps Since Halo 3. This Would Make Me Love Them


Look, I appreciate that new modes are crafted in forge and I respect what it is capable of, but any time I watched as my Halo match started loading me into a forge map I would start to cringe. I always much preferred the gameplay from the hard work and dedication that went into the beautiful developer made Halo maps since CE and whenever I sat down to enjoy myself some good ol’ Halo and was forced into some fan made creation, I felt like I was being robbed of a much better experience.

Grey Walls, Grey Walls EVERYWHERE

My biggest gripe with forge maps is the GREY. EVERYWHERE. It all just blends together and it makes my eyes glaze over. It feels like such a waste of graphical computation to have such a pretty game and the Halo thematic experience brought down by the monotony of grey everything.

Because of this, every map, no matter how creative, ends up not only looking, but feeling the same to me. The grey walls are preset sizes and squared shapes, so guess what we get? Mostly similarly shaped features to play around.

Possible Solutions

  • More Geometry Objects

    • If there were more objects to use when shaping buildings or features of the map besides a few sizes of grey blocks, that would be nice.
    • These could be forerunner, covenant, banished, flood, and UNSC themed objects all with varying shapes to make them unique to play on, in, and around.
    • Being unique to each faction, they would have color schemes to match. (NO MORE BORING GREY LEGOS)
  • Moldable Terrain

    • Relying solely on geometry objects is boring, let us shape the actual terrain so that we can play with [Natural Formations] (Thanks, Cortana)
    • The tool can have shape options like square, circle, triangle, etc. and then we can change the size of it.
    • Then we have a raise or lower terrain selection for making cliffs or crevasses as we see fit.
    • Combining the shape options and raising and lowering terrain in different combinations will allow forge masters to make unique features to their maps.
  • Coloring and Stickers

    • This goes back to the objects, but allow us to pick from a color wheel the coloration of objects. Of course, people could just leave the default color schemes of the new objects and be just fine, but who ever complained about MORE features and MORE color?
    • Spray paint tool! Again, give us a shape for the spray paint to be applied by, size options, transparency, and texturing options to allow coloring down to the little detail. (To avoid solid colors only, texturing would be patterns like spackling, for example)
    • Stickers! Stickers could be faction symbols, graffiti, or just solid colors, again with shapes, sizing, and transparency options.


Now let’s imagine what we could make with these features. We start with the basic flat and open forge map. We make a mountain in the middle of the map by raising the terrain. We top it randomly with little peaks, then we color them white with the spray paint tool. As we color further down the peaks, we change the spray paint color to brownish, then greenish as it gets warms enough for the grass to grow happily. We can place a sniper’s nest that circles the tallest peak of the mountain for a sort of “king of the hill” the snipers can fight over.

Next, we use the terrain tool again on the mountain to make multiple winding trails leading to each side of the mountain. We color these trails a dark brown as people have beaten these paths down regularly simply through travel.

Beneath the mountain we shape a tunnel system that also leads to each side. There can be a couple chambers in here that hold some spicy weapons or power-ups. Maybe the chambers are something like banished jail cells for unforgivables. The banished jail cells can be the new unique objects, and maybe they have force fields that can be disabled by a switch or simply shot to be opened.

Each side of the map would have a base. One could be banished themed, the other UNSC themed. They could each be on a hill and nested within trees. From each base we could paint dirt paths that lead to the mountain paths, the mountain tunnel, and around the mountain.


Maybe that map would be utter garbage to actually play as I was just improvising, but just picturing that compared to any of the forge maps I have been thrown into, I would much prefer to play on maps capable of these levels of creativity.

Admittedly, I am only talking about forge maps made up to Halo 4, so the ones I have to play on Halo MCC. I actually just looked up Halo 5’s forge and it looks a lot better, but I still didn’t see these features I mentioned, and I already typed this up so I might as well hit post. :smile:


Forge was amazing… especially when you consider how old and inflexible the old Blam game engine was.

But now we have a new Forge custom built alongside a new engine.

Hopefully it will take that next step and be nigh on indistinguishable from developer made maps. Some sort of terrain editor (including water) and a sticker/decal system would go a long way to Forging nirvana.

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They could also implement a wall drawing system of some sorts, picking from a few presets of wall types like covenant, banished, UNSC, rocks etc. I feel the reason forge was all about placing items was because of the limitations of the Halo 3 engine and there probably isn’t any reason the Slipspace engine can’t handle the full modularity of a creator’s mind. There’s no real reason we can make maps that look just as good as official maps, especially now since some of the shorter trees and bushes on some maps are just shoved further into the ground anyways.
A grid system could come into play when drawing walls too.
I’d also like to see placeable enemies without the AI logic puzzles we saw in Halo 5. Simply pick and enemy and place them or set a spawner.

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Great ideas. And how did I forget to suggest AI?! That would be awesome.

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