I've had it.....

So I’ve been playing more team slayer lately and its become abundantly clear that 4 mans dominate the higher tier diamond leagues and up that it is incredibly hard to****win past Diamond 6 in solo queue unless you’re at least 2 leagues better than the 4 man you are against and can drop 20 kills easily as I have gone up the ranks 4 mans have become more and more prevalent to having to face at least every other game.
- I am a mid to high tier onyx player and can hang with low tier champions and I’ve been averaging 13 to 15 kills per game
- I’M LOOKING FOR PEOPLE OR A COMPANY!! that plays competitive daily and is at the very least low onyx tier to mid onyx tier for slayer If this is you please send me and invite

Don’t post the same topic more than once. You already have a topic in the recruiting section.