I've had enough.

I’ve seriously grown tired of idiots thinking they know the “solution” to something they haven’t even experienced yet. I can’t believe some people demand changes and fixes to something they haven’t even TRIED. Oh yes, we should all adhere to all of your solutions because you definitely know everything there is to know about the development of a popular amazing grand franchise. SHUT UP. For once in your life be GRATEFUL that there is another Halo, that 343 is at least trying to keep that flame in us(the community) alive and burning. I simply can’t fathom how people can make such ridiculous remarks and requests and fully believe they know it all. YOU DON’T. Why can’t we all get together as a community and support what we all love, rather than bring division with all these petty complaints over things that aren’t really all that bad. inb4 some -Yoink- who says “oh well, you’re not a competitive player.” -Yoink-, I am the most competitive person I know. I love winning. I LOVE playing as a team to overcome objectives or slay other random teams.

One issue everyone is crying about, is being able to throw the Oddball.


Stop being so close minded in such a grand universe that we know as Halo.

Think about all the possibilities. You can actually build strategy with this. I honestly NEVER liked Grifball. But I can already imagine watching the top 10 Grifball moments and actually being in awe because a player made such an amazing pass or a team used such a dominant strategy to score. It’s more of an actual sport than Grifball could ever hoped to be.

Even then, multiplayer isn’t EVERYTHING there is to Halo. And trust me, at one point that’s all I cared for. Halo is immense. I’ve gotten so much into the fiction, it’s so brilliantly scripted. I’m now even more excited for the Campaign more than anything else.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you’d think you would check the forums and see people at least be excited about different parts of the game and supporting it. I guess you’d expect people to be already forging in their minds of all the things that are now possible.

But no. Instead nearly everyone is tearing this game to shreds and it hasn’t even released yet. Some people even have the undeserving audacity to tell you, “well in Halo 2-3, there wansn’t any…blah blah blah it took skill.” I’ve even heard some of my friends online say they’re going to wait for Halo 5. -____________- -Yoink-.

Halo has ALWAYS been an evolving game. Halo 3, the prime of the Halo series, introduced things that definitely influenced how Halo 4 is today. Bubble shields, Regens, Power Drains, etc. were introduced back then and they’re here now. Yes now as start outs rather than pick ups, but although I’m not completely sure, I believe it will somehow all balance itself out because we’re all different and have variety in our choices.

I’m another player like you. I personally abhorred Armor Lock and Jetpack. Armor Lock is gone and Jetpack has been nerfed. Don’t say 343 isn’t listening. I’m not trying to sound like a fanboy, but we’re being far too pushy and stubborn. We’ve asked and for the most part we’ve gotten it.

I believe it’s now our turn to recieve Halo 4 with arms wide open and give it the best WE got. The campaign looks beautiful, the Multiplayer looks amazing (can’t wait to go off with the BR and dump on bk’s) Spartan-Ops looks exciting.

Thank you 343i.

I love you.

Yes. I agree.

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Another thread complaining about complainers, here we go again.

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> Another thread complaining about complainers, here we go again.

another comment complaining about a thread complaining about complainers , here we go again

People that complain can be annoying at times.

People that complain about the complainers are annoying all the time.

Seriously. You aren’t helping, you’re adding to the problem right now.

I’m tired of players who don’t understand how simple changes can have dramatic ramifications at high levels of play. I’m even more tired of them pretending that they know what they are talking about.

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I do understand how small changes can have huge impacts. I followed and played nearly every update Bungie has given to Halo 3 and 343 gave to Reach, from Bleedthroughs, to every single modification of Bloom, map changes ( I hate the new Snypase), nearly everything. It’s minor to some people but it makes all the difference in the world.

So go drown in a river, 'cause I do know what I’m talking about.

At least I’m willing to accept, adapt, and get good at it, rather than sit on my -Yoink- and cry about changes, like most people here are.


Couldn’t stop laughing, this is brilliant

i agree, but you might need this

We’re not gonna take it,


We ain’t gonna take it,

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OP - I completely agree. From what I’ve seen, there hasn’t been one person that has actually played the game ever post that Halo 4 is crap or that they did not enjoy at least parts of their experience. In fact, most wish they could have played more or played longer during their particular games.

I just have a hard time understanding the absolution that what has been implemented by 343i is terrible for the franchise when they have not experienced Halo 4 for themselves. This is a classic example of perception becoming reality but smeared with a self righteousness that is very disturbing. What’s even more discouraging for me is that some members do not even provide reasons behind why they “perceive” such things (((Shrugs))) so that we can have healthy discussions.

I wish the moderators would closed more duplicate threads. That would definitely cut down on my frustration surrounding of all the negativity surrounding within a forum that I perceive should be about celebrating and discussing Halo 4, but there are pockets of members that do nothing but complain this isn’t Halo. (((Shrugs))) So yes, complaining about complainers is just as valid as complaining with no proof (just perception).

Saying the game sucks or this isn’t Halo anymore isn’t substantial when people who have played the game are saying that it feels like Halo and the additions and/or subtractions haven’t taken away from the overall Halo experience that players are accustomed too.