I've Finished Event But Event Challenges Still Appearing

Hi 343,

I want to draw your attention to the issue of event challenges popping up in my challenge list even after I’ve completed the event.

Would you be able to tweak the way the events work so that event challenges stop showing up for players (like myself) who have unlocked all event rewards? This would free up space for weekly challenges.

My challenge list is currently filled with event challenges and I don’t have any challenge swaps to swap them out with. If you could address this issue, it would save me and other players from having to pay for challenge swaps.


That is not a bug. The event is still ongoing, so you will still get the event challenges. Using swaps won’t work, because you will get another event challenge.

They deliberately did that, so people who couldn’t complete them last week still have the chance this week. Those eventchallenges still count towards the Battle Pass, so it’s no negative there. The only possible negative (if you don’t like the mode) is that half your challenges forced you to play Attrition.


Thing is, I’ve completed the Battle Pass, so there’s actually no benefit to doing the Event Challenges for me.

I see where you’re coming from - not everyone has completed the Event or Battle Pass and they still need the XP, but there needs to be an option to switch off the event challenges for players that no longer need them/want to focus on Weeklies.

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Or you know, do what Warframe does when you complete the main 30 tiers of the Nightwave…add on bonus tiers that give you credits toward one thing or another. Could be double XP tokens, or hey, what about clusters of Market currency?

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Those sound like great alternatives. I’m glad that 343 is going to implement credits for progressing through the next Battle Pass

Agreed, though I expect they’ll be small chunks like maybe 50-75 Market tokens per tier unlocked. Still better than nothing in my opinion. But it’d be worth it to add on additional tiers to limited events like Tenrai and Cyber Showdown so that people have an incentive to keep coming back after completing the main tiers.

Happy with the current system. Providing 2 X 10 event challenges across two weeks for a 10 tier event pass is a great way of helping casual players still complete it.

Far better than forcing a grind in just one week.

They still provide XP and act as normal weekly challenges so I don’t see a problem here.

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Yeah, i also saw the ultimate reward and i dont like it. Havent played a match since the new week started. BP was completed in one week and the rewards are garbage.

There is ZERO things to do and unlock in this game

No campaign unlocks or challenges, no reason to return to.

MP has nothing either, maps are too big and BTB maps play like campign levels…all maps suck IMO.