I've come up with potential Fractures ideas

I think the real solution is to create some kind of PVE gametype or something like Invasion that can actually fit in as a serious/non-training part of the canon, then in that gametype they can restrict armors to canon equipment only.

I have very little interest in multiplayer for exactly this reason… it just feels like a sport, not a futuristic war.

Very cool ideas, OP. I was thinking about the Fracture events from a purely aesthetic standpoint and was trying to imagine these looks:

  • Cowboy/old west
  • Pirates
  • Celtic warriors
  • Zulu warriors
  • Roman Legionnaires
  • Vikings
  • Medieval knights
  • Post-apocalyptic/Mad Max
  • Middle eastern

I would keep writing but the mobile format of this site is terrible and I can’t even see what I’m typing anymore