I've come up with potential Fractures ideas


An alt universe where Humanity joined the Covenant. Only upon discovery of the truth of Halo, they caused the great schism. Chiefmaster John and Arbiter Thel Vadam now lead a schism in which they challenge the Covenant they upheld.

Fracture - Truth & Heresy will grant players an armor core that is designed by Covenant forgemasters. Basically it makes Humanity blend in with the Covenant forces. The name of the armor?

GLADIATOR - in reference to the fact that Humans are honorable fighters, yet like the Jiralhanae Brutes, they revel in war. Some of the armor variants could be inspired by some of the more goofy armors from Halo 5, such as Viper, Copperhead, and of course the perfect Helioskrill.


An alternate history where Humanity expanded to the stars long before the Covenant was formed. We found Halo and other artifacts left behind by The Forerunners. We assumed The Mantle in the way that Humanity was meant to as The Librarian intended. The Covenant was formed from the races that just started space-faring and sought to resist being under the dominion of Reclaimers.

Fractures - Reclamation will feature an armor set that is a hybrid of Human design and Forerunner technology. Humanity, having reverse engineered the Covenant tech; has leveled their tech trees to be on par with the tech of the Forerunners of yore. The name of this armor?

PREFECT - And it has design themes VERY SIMILAR to the Prefect armor of Halo 4.


An alternate universe where The Didact succeeded in his goal to compose Humanity.

Only Humanity wasn’t able to be controlled by his or anyone’s will. Working as a hive mind, Humanity was unstoppable. And proved to be vital in resisting and exterminating The Flood. They are the new masters of The Mantle of Responsibly… and they are standing ever-guarding the borders of the galaxy for any threats that would rival that of The Flood and The Endless.

Fractures - Epimetheus will feature an armor core where the entire body is made up of synthetic material, reminiscent of the Prometheans from Halo 4 and Halo 5. The armor set options that are featured will contain the likes of the Fotus helmet, which is directly modeled after The Promethean Knights.

The name of this armor core?

TITAN - A reference to how the last of the Titans spared by Zeus were Prometheus and Epimetheus.


An alternate universe not too divergent from the state of Halo’s main universe.
In it, the Spartan-IVs had a surprising number of them actually be Insurrectionists that passed by ONI’s background checks due to REALLY WELL FALSIFIED RECORDS.
These Insurrectionists Spartans eventually made an audience with Atriox in secret. Offering their services to The Banished, they will request that the Insurrectionist Colonies are both protected by Atriox AND granted sovereignty. In exchange, they allow The Banished to make their homes on these colonies and to help Atriox fight the UNSC.

The Armor Core provided in this fractures is a Hybrid of MJOLNIR armor design and Banished engineering, resulting in something brutal yet sleek. An armor fitting of a soldier siding with The Banished and going toe-to-toe with Spartans. Because they too were Spartans. The name of this armor core?

EPHIALTES - Ephialtes was the son of Eurydemus of Malis. He betrayed his homeland, in hope of receiving some kind of reward from the Persians, by showing the army of Xerxes a path around the allied Greek position at the pass of Thermopylae, which helped them win the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.

A reference to these Spartans betraying their own people for favor of another.

Thoughts anyone?

Edit - Thought of another potential Fractures armor / season : FRACTURES - EXILED


These sound pretty interesting. I think the Covenant one is my favorite of the three. They would all probably be more appealing to me than the Fracture taking place in the game right now.


Since Microsoft also owns a few other game franchises, I could see them doing Fractures - Doom, Fractures - Fallout, and Fractures - Gears of War

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They also own Rare…

So like…

we can get Conker inspired armor…

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And of course, BANJO KAZOOIE !!!

I’m down for the covie one. Night be the closest to an elite core we will get anytime soon


I love 'em. I like how they are actually somewhat tied to the existing lore.

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I think that the idea of fractures events like Tenrai isn’t terrible (although I’d prefer that they focus in filling in all the canon/in-universe content that is missing from Infinite.)

That said, I really really hope they don’t go the route of full on cross overs with other games…

I think the point of Fractures is to explore completely outside of Halo’s canon. So far we’ve seen Samurai, Greek Spartans, Knights, and Vikings as Fracture themed armor (including the Halo 3 Fractures season armor for MCC), this leads me to believe ancient earth warriors is going to be a running theme, things like Ninjas and Centurions could be the future for Fractures.

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The point of fractures is for 343 to do whatever they want without official canon holding them back.

Having said that, I’m not sure where cat ears fit in the canon, so maybe not.

Yep. Nothing to add. All seem pretty legit.

Actually -

Fracture where Ancient Humanity won the war and are still around. So the armour we see in the Halo 4 cutscenes

Kinda seems like that’s what the Iron Eagle one is

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Is that what they are calling the Dieselpunk armor core for the next fractures?

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What is this a world where Germany won WW1?

Yeah, I think that’s the official name

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huh… … … … … … … … neet

Heres a better idea: get rid of it


Why tho?

It allows for some more creative freedom WITHOUT making lore nuts like myself go crazy about how terrible the designs can be.

Like Halo 5 had Goblin, Seeker, and other crappy designs.
These fractures universes give us some pretty cool designs, PLUS some insight into how an alt-universe would handle the invasion of The Covenant or other factors of the Halo universe.


PLUS they provide different armor sets. Halo 3 and Reach just added stuff to your armor, whereas Halo 4 and Halo 5 completely changed your armor from head to toe.

These armor cores are another way to do this, combining both your base armor being changed AND allowing the user to augment changes to the standard issue armor.

I would like to fracture to a universe where all of this silly garbage doesn’t exist

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That is called the Bungie Continuity