I've Changed my mind

Last night after playing a couple of games I thought that Halo was dead, so I came onto these forums and argued with a lot of you people about that. This morning I decided that I should try again, and I have changed my mind. There is a lot of good here, all that needs to change are little tweaks here and there to make it great.

-The AR. I think most people would agree that it should be toned town a bit, but I have a different idea. Instead of having AR made weaker it should be made a map pick-up weapon, and BR starts should become the new normal. That would make it feel a lot better, I think.

-Base movement speed. I really like unlimited sprint, but I don’t like how they slowed down the base movement speed so much to compensate for it. I think they should make it ~110% what it is now. If they raised the base movement speed a little it would help make the maps seem a little bit smaller too, which would be a good thing.

-Jumping. The jump height is very low. It should be raised, and crouch jumping should also make its return. I realize that ground pound is in and I actually like it a lot. What I would like to see is crouch jumping to return, and then in order to ground pound you have to crouch and hit the beat down button.

-Shields. Right now when you sprint it restarts your shield’s recharge timer. It is a good balance mechanic, but there is also an issue here. It makes it seem like forever for your shields to actually recharge to the point were I feel like I have to basically stand still for my shields to recharge. I think that it should only pause your shield recharge timer, not restart it.

-Thrusters. Let me start off by saying that I love thrusters. I was really excited when they announced that they would be a default ability. Right now it feels like you cannot use them enough. I think there should either be two uses every time they recharge or that the recharge timer itself should be faster. They also need to show you when you can actually use them, because right now that is poorly communicated.

-Kill cams. The only thing that I absolutely think needs to be gotten rid of. I don’t know why it is there and does nothing positive for the game.

I really hope these things can be fixed, as I think they would make the game that much better.