I've been playing halo 3 lately...

And I was thinking how poor reach’s campaign was. In 2 missions in halo 3 beats halo reach’s whole campaign. You get so much vehicle gameplay and indoor gameplay in different missions. Scarabs to destroy and so much more. Then I went to custom games and the maps are just so much better than every single map on reach. The only problem I had is lag and most of all the graphics, I love the new halo reach graphics because it’s so much more realistic. I think if halo 3 had reach graphics, it would have been the best game I’ve ever played.
What do you think about halo 3 after playing reach’s campaign…?

Lol, Halo Reach’s campaign

Well, personally, I thought Halo 3 had a great campaign, in terms of gameplay. The vehicle segments were great fun, but it wasn’t used in excess, like I felt it was in Halo 2. There was plenty of variation in the setting of combat, which made it enjoyable.

Reach really needed more vehicle sections. Yes, the level in New Alexandria was mostly dominated by the Falcon, but the Banshee programming in Reach is terrible, so I never felt like they could be a serious threat.

> Lol, Halo Reach’s campaign


The Reach campaign is the worst in Halo history.