I've been hacked!!!:(

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warrior empire and Recesslve attempted and succeeded to hack my xbox live profile and somehow got my password. they have increased my credit balance by 200,000 Cr. I know that it is cool but i did not earn them.

warrior empire has ranked up to reclaimer from colonel or some other rank near there.

Recesslve ranked up from eclipse to nova in one day. and increased his kd.

i was able to have a chat with the recesslve guy and said he is using a program and has 20 billion credits to giveaway.

he also reset my password on every account i know with that email address.

could someone please help me???

speak to a xbox live ambasador or speak to xbox and the policy enforcement team they should be able to help you or go directly to an xbox live agent and tell them the problem then from there they should be able to help you

This isn’t anything the Waypoint crew can help with. I recommend speaking to Xbox Live support about an issue like this!