ITT: Say something nice about Halo 4

I as well as many of you have found a few if not many things that annoyed or irritated us. I know I have.

So, in this topic I want to break away from the usual necessary complaining, and talk about something I really enjoyed about Halo 4; and that was the character development.

Normally I find extreme deviations from the classic halo structure as heresy, but in this case I welcomed it. Typically, in a Halo game, Master Chief is a silent protagonist. This is done so that the player can feel he or she is master chief, through projecting their own personalities into the imaginary inner thoughts of John. However, by the 4th (6th-ish) installment of the game, this would have felt a little bit dry. Instead of giving us that same experience, they gambled and decided to open John up as a character. I found having John’s thoughts and feelings and even his sense of humor out in the open really revitalized my interest in the story of his legacy.

Didn’t want to spoil it

I generally feel that 343 did a great job on the game and I am not sure on one specific thing I enjoy the most aside from the feel of the vehicles. Truly, my only gripes come from the sounds, no joke. Halo 4 in general is my second favorite halo game. Halo 2 is of course still on top

The sounds are amazing. and the artwork is just unreal. I have yet to fly around campaign in theater mode taking pics of all i can. but i get distracted just looking at things. I wish XBOX made a new box for this game with better capabilities. just for that reason.

This isnt HALO 2.

HOWEVER its a great set forward for the HALO legacy. I will happily say well done 343. thank you for bringing back halo. with a few kick -Yoink- adjustments.

for all the people saying negative things about the game. I to have a thing or two i dont like but no game ever has been perfect. there will be glitches and bugs but thats why theres a forum

I feel that 343 did very well in making Halo 4. Top Improvements IMO?

1 Forge Magnets
2 Law (As in story and canon)
3 Armor
4 Spartan Ops
5 Beautiful Graphics

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They really improved KOTH and Oddball. They are a lot of fun too play.

WARN ppl before you say a spoiler.

I have several good things to say:

  1. 343 overall did an incredible job with this game. I have not been this satisfied with a game in a very long time. Sure, a few things may annoy me from then to then, but it’s nothing serious.

  2. The armor in this game looks incredible. The only set I really don’t care for is Wetworks.

  3. The campaign was an enthralling and kept me on the edge of my seat. The Didact getting a hold of the -spoiler- was great, and meeting The Librarian was my favorite part of the campaign.

  4. Forge is great. Sure, the maps may not always give me that creative spark I need from time to time, but they’re awesome nonetheless.

  5. The sound in this game is beyond amazing.