It's working!!!!!!!!

since the last update 2 weeks ago the MP has worked almost flawlessly for me minus a couple of issues with lag. Has anyone else had this much success?

i only can find matches in team slayer, halo 3, and halo 2 anniversary, all other playlists are broken to me

Everything’s been fine for me, apart from BTB!

Finding games is fixed now for me. It’s pretty fast for the most part.

Still having issues with unbalanced teams and our party getting split up after games end or people getting kicked and having to restart the game to get back in the party.

I can find games but that usually only last for 1-2 games. After that it will never connect to another session. The background turns black with the playlist over a black screen and I have to dashboard and quit the game then restart. Once I restart it will work for another 1 or 2 games…then rinse repeat.

  • also, it still randomly boots my into some strangers game session.
    -and lastly, playing with a friend is still nearly impossible.
    -Takes forever to join each other.
  • says we are partied but we aren’t.
  • and we both have to keep quitting the app and trying to join up. After games it usually kicks us to separate lobby’s.

Every now and then it’ll let me find a match and play, more often than not though everyone on one team quits or the game just freezes and then I’m not able to find another match. I honestly don’t understand how this game is so broken, by the way I’m Australian and my friends report similar issues. Trying to play this game in Australia is impossible

I got this game on launch and have tried almost every day , still haven’t had a complete match where all the player are present. And it takes between 10 and 30 minutes to find a game.