It's time for FFA to evolve

FFA needs some serious changes. For starters, AR starts is horrendous in it. In previous Halo games, the AR was weak enough that using high-skill weapons to beat it left you with enough health to fight back against surprise encounters, in Infinite fighting an AR with your Sidekick or BR often leaves you a pinpoint away from death. This sucks the life out of FFA. But it’s compounded by other issues. Either way, BR starts is basically a necessity for this mode.

Another issue is radar. Radar should be 25m across the board but in FFA its significantly more necessary. When everyone is an enemy your radar is even more important than ever, heck MLG FFA settings back on Reach even kept radar on that alone shows how important it is to FFA play. Minimizing surprise encounters in a mode where it’s easy enough as it is to get shot in the back or side is a must.

Finally, this is a chance I’ve been lobbying for since Halo 3. Assists need to count for something. Even if it’s like 1/3 the score of landing the kill, there are far too many situations in FFA where your earned kill goes out the window and you get nothing.

nooo , FFA always had assault riffle and i want to keep it… but we need playlist to get ranked… i want ranked swat, ranked ffa and more.

I just wish they’d add lone wolves again. Ranked ffa was the best.

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BR starts is just asking people to snipe the final shot from a distance. I mean, I already do this when picking it up and now imagine a full lobby doing it.