It's the F***king Catalina Wine Mixer...

That’s how big of a deal Halo 4 is to the fans partaking into this game. Long time, somewhat new, and completely new.

Barely even more day I am more than stoked, Spartans.

After I complete the epic new beginning, my spartan will be right there Br’ing you in the face, doing a double melee while sprinting, assassinating, and having good games with ya’ll!

Probably won’t come back and see this till I find something in multi-player to rage about. :]

Dont you dear -Yoink!- my halo drum set -.-

On a serious note, yep every halo game will be a big deal from now on through, from my eyes i remember when i first heard Halo 4, i was thinking “you cant do that” lol i was wrried(still am) but overall it looks like it could still bring back our retro kick butt halo :,D