It's that time again, folks!

Halo 6 was my most anticipated game for this year’s E3 (which ended up being my favorite E3 ever, so many great games!). I loved seeing Mark VI (though I don’t know how 343 is gonna explain that one), the classic Halo music at the end of the trailer, and I love reading what everyone is thinking about the game so far. While I’m super excited to play Halo 6, what I call it instead of Infinite, and while the wait for the next main Halo title can sometimes seem like it’s taking forever, something I love nearly as much as getting my hands on the new main titles is the Great Journey to release day

During the last few months leading up to Reach, I watched tons of videos on the game, I rewatched the Comic-Con video where they showed off a lot of Forge World more times than I can ever count, and I even started a page on Facebook dedicated to news about Reach, and I still enjoy going back on that page from time to time to read all that stuff I posted nearly 8 years ago (crazy to think it’s already been nearly 8 years!). Leading up to the release of Halo 4, I read the 2 Forerunner Trilogy books that were out at that time, I came on the forums often and I enjoyed reading everyone’s theories about Chief’s first journey in the hands of a new developer, and I enjoyed checking out Forge maps on Reach that recreated the scene from the first Halo 4 teaser and remakes of the map that came to be known as Haven. I even filled my Reach fileshare up with tons of Halo 4-related content, which has remained untouched in my fileshare to this day. With Halo 5, I followed Hunt the Truth (some of the best video game marketing ever), all the TV ads, I watched every episode of the Sprint (which I hope they do again with Halo 6), I played the beta, I overall followed Halo 5’s development and marketing closely. On top of all that, I enjoyed seeing how much those games changed over time from early gameplay and betas to the final product

And now, once again, it’s time to embark on a new Halo journey. I’m already scouring the internet and these forums every day looking for any new tidbit of info on the game, anything to help hold me over until 343 reveals more of the game to us. This is just the start of the journey. After how much I loved the marketing for Halo 5, I’m excited to see what 343 has planned for us this time. Maybe another Hunt the Truth-style audio series, with recordings from different parts of the galaxy that give us a glimpse at life in a galaxy controlled by Cortana and her Created army?

I can’t wait to find out!

I don’t think that I’ll ever be as excited for a game again as I was for the Halo 3 and Reach launches. I remember back in the day, all of the game sections were covered in those posters of the Ark portal and all anybody was talking about was Halo. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever get back to that level of fervour, but for now I just want Infinite to turn out well. Poor old Xbox needs a win.

I hope we can one day get back to the place where Halo was the one game every Xbox gamer had and played and loved. Those were some good times.

I was hoping for more info or a larger game myself, not just a new engine. To me thats like nothing, because they had years, just to show what little they had for us. Still, it dose show that they want to improve and make us happy. Maybe they have more, and they will show us later this year?

Anyway, more halo is good. Im happy we have infinite. And im happy we got someyhing at e3 halo wise.

Oh, and i hope we dont have hunt the truth again, becuase while it was good, it was overall a misleading and pointless scam.