Its telling me I have not completed campaign?

When I enter my service record it says I have a game in progress on campaign and that I have done 7/8 missions even though I have completed it, but the strange thing is, when I go deeper into the campaign menu, it shows that I have completed all of the missions on normal difficulty.

Same with me difference is I did it only legendary, was like yay achievement blah blah, wanted to see how long it took on here and I saw it hadn’t counted, it also shows that I haven’t done the commendation for the last level legendary…

I’ve experienced the same issue with the final mission on Legendary. I really don’t want to go kick the [Redacted]'s -Yoink- again, but I’d like it to go on my Waypoint record.

I had this issue yesterday. For some reason the Service Record both in game and on Waypoint seem to remain one mission/game behind when it comes to Campaign. To fix it, I went and played another mission and it fixed the problem. Any difficulty should do. After doing that, my one that was missing showed up and all was well and that latest one that I had just done didn’t show up.

Let me know if that solves it for you as well.

Thanks for the heads up. I was planning on solo legendary today but not anymore if there’s issues with the game tracking progress. I’d rather not have to do it twice.