Its Somebodys lucky day i have a Spec code!

Its somebodys lucky day i have a redeem code to give to somebody

This code is for the Specialization Priority Alpha download which gives early access to the other 6 Specializations

i only have one and i believe the code will only work in the UK so first person to PM me gets it

A cookie for your kindness. (;’,)

yo can i have it? i have been stuck at level 70 for 5 days now and all the exp is going to waste :frowning: GZ to whoever gets its though.

sure how do u want it sent?


aint received any message

Do you have your settings to receive pms from anyone?

If you don’t you got to Profile->Private Message Preferences, then change it to receive from everyone. You can still send to me by pm if you want c:

> aint received any message

I sent you a PM

I sent you a PM 36 minutes ago but it said I never sent it… oh well… grats to whoever gets this!