It's Simple Really - Just send a join request!

We are a ‘Simple’ spartan company and we are just looking to build our company to speed up the commendation completion process. Our clan is open to anyone and if you want to play with any of us i.e. custom games, infection, war zone or sweat it up in arena you are free to add us and play with us.

We currently have 8 members and our first target is to reach 100 members as soon as possible.

The benefits of joining our clan are:

  • Completing the commendations provides awards - We are an active Spartan clan and have been playing Halo 5 ever since release and are all huge halo fans - Guaranteed fun! - New friends on XBLPlease feel free to send a joining request you will 100% get accepted.

My gamertag is ImJustMoronic!
Its Simple Really