It's probably just me

But three months in. I’ve unlocked everything almost everything in the BP. And I haven’t unlocked ANYTHING I like for the Mark VII. The only thing I found remotely appealing was the Firefall helmet. But there was no reason to buy it since there was an ODST helmet in the BP for the Mark V [B] armor.

I’m yet to even see a coating that looks good with at least one combination of parts on my Mark VII core. Anyone else find it ugly? And as someone who wasn’t overly fond of Reach. Even the Mark V [B] armor is pretty dull to me. I’m sure 343i chose it for nostalgia or are just going to repeat all the seasons from MCC because IIRC Reach customization was S1 or S2.

I finally got the proper Mark VII helmet last night. It looks okay? Maybe if there was a coating available that looked good even if a bit boring I might like it. Who else finds the Mark VII or Mark V [B] dull/boring or ugly choices for the first available armor cores?

I main the mark 7 armor with my neon superfly coating and neon hawk. Am literally never going to change it lol