It's possible to NOT make a weapon disappears...

When in a vehicle where your character doesn’t have any weapons.

I tried multiple vehicles and I think that glitch work on all vehicles (but it’s pointless with the Wraith) and it’s very easy…

You need 2 weapons and the one you want to see is the weapon in your back so you need the other one, okay now get ready to hop in a seat, press Y to change weapons and hop inside when the animation lower the weapon, you must be inside before you have the other weapon in your hands (no proper HUD) .

That’s all, if everything work the weapon appears at the correct location and once you get out of your vehicle, your character pull out the weapon.

I think that glitch is possible on Halo 4 or maybe any Halo after Halo 2.

I don’t have a picture either.

EDIT : seem that doesn’t work with Halo 3 (I tried on the Scorpion’s turret) .


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In Halo 3 when you drive a Warthog you see your weapon in your back, this is not the case in Halo: Reach, nothing in you back but the armor ability, the glitch allow you to do that with your weapon but on all vehicles.

It’s very hard to see with a Scorpion and impossible with Wraith (even with a long weapon like the hammer) but the weapon is still here.