It's Not Too Late to Turn it Around

If Halo: Infinite can nail these things by mid-summer, there is hope.

  1. Spartan career/progression/stat tracking needs to drastically improve, ideally with a way to retroactively both award credits/xp and show all stats (at least as comprehensive as Halo 5) from the first six months of play. In addition to playlist ranks (bronze - onyx), there should also be either an overall number ( a la H5’s 1 - 152) or Spartan Rank (recruit - general, etc) that continues to increase as the months/years go on and you earn more xp.

  2. At least 12 new multiplayer maps. Ideally, six small maps for Team Doubles/Head 2 Head/Rumble Pit, three medium sized maps for 4v4 and three for BTB.

  3. More ranked playlists, specifically Double Team and Tactical Slayer.

  4. Complete overhaul of the current battle pass system. In fact, ditch that concept all together. Award credits based on how many points a player earns per game (usually around 3000) and throw in a 2000 credit bonus for winning a match. These credits can then be used to purchase all of the cosmetic stuff. Every season, 343 can drop a few new cores and a bunch of stuff to purchase for them. Alternatively, give players an option to buy credits with actual money. Of course, this would have been a much smarter business model if the game wasn’t free to play but it’s too late to fix that.

  5. Get rid of the weekly challenges, for God’s sake! They are ruining the way people play the game. At some point in 2023, bring back Firefight and have weekly challenges for that. Not for Arena, though.

  6. Fully functioning four player co-op campaign.

  7. More variety of game types. KOTH, Attrition, Headhunter, Assault… to name a few.

Of course, by the end of 2022 Forge should also launch and that will help with keeping content fresh in the years to come.

You can do this 343! Mechanically, you have a great game. Maybe the best Halo ever in terms of multiplayer. Don’t waste it!


This is really optimistic if you think they’re checking every one of those boxes by midsummer. Especially the 12 new maps considering we’re only looking at 2 right now for the next season.

They need a couple dozen more employees to accomplish that. Leaks on the internet over these last months have made it clear they have a severe outage of employees. Both by the employees leaving and the company not hiring enough of them. And the upper echelons of the company are completely incompetent at everything but ensuring cash flows.

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You’re high if you want 12 new maps by mid-summer

Don’t play ranked so don’t care

3000 credits and 2000 per win??? You really are high.

If they allow credits to be earnable straight from gameplay and ditch the BP system (which I hope they do) it should be related to score (2000 score=20 credits) and +20 for wins




Halo enthusiasts can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Halo’s cult following came from the singleplayer narrative. Which is why they don’t pull an EA and re-release a new version of Halo every year - where COD draws crowds for multiplayer, halo draws crowds for singleplayer. That said, it seems they had a winning formula for the multiplayer with customization, modes, career tracking, etc.

What I find odd is they released the game as FTP multiplayer with all of these things missing or lacking. I’m guessing in part due to the engine, but it’s surprising they changed something the community seems to like/want. I seriously wonder how different the response would be if they hadn’t gimped or removed the aforementioned features, been more positively engaged with the community, and released weekly patches regardless of size.

That’s incredibly optimistic, especially the battle pass and 12 maps. Something more realistic would be 6 maps. 4 for 4v4 and 2 for BTB. At least 2 of the 4v4 maps have to be small enough to support team doubles and a possible future 1v1 mode alongside Live Fire. Give Forge a month or two and then add a map or two that the community made to the map pool to pad it out for minimal work (because getting 343 to work is like trying to draw blood from a stone). Most importantly with the maps is make them visually distinct. Give us a map in snow covered ruins, or a BTB map fighting through bunkers and tunnels in a mountain pass.

2000 credits per win, hahaha, I wish. They might as well abandon microtransactions if that was the case because no one in their right mind would spend.

I agree the ultimate challenge system is very poorly implemented right now. I like the idea of having an unlock to work towards each week but the current system is just awful.

If 343 was not working so hard on the game’s internal bugs, this list might be viable. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case, especially since we were only teased with two maps and the attention of the 2nd season was on the new armor cores.

I also hate that King of the Hill was " the return of an updated, all-time favorite mode, “King of the Hill.”". This pretty much guarantees we’re getting drip fed the classic game modes, which SUCKS.

I really don’t want to say that Infinite is dead, but it’s certainly not looking great…

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Life support is beeping, and about to go EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in a flatline.

Why is 2000 credits/xp per win so crazy? They would, of course, adjust the pricing to match. Coatings would be around 100k, etc. Guess I should have clarified that.

Dead to you, maybe. I play almost every day and have fun, competitive games.

The majority of us aren’t as lucky as your purporting to be. Hope your matches stay that way though!

Just need 343 to actually read this one.

We probably wont get 12 new maps in the entire life of this game. And dont give me the 10 year plan excuse. The game is getting un-revivable

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Anthem still has like 20 players too :+1:

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What life support? 343 is staring at us withering on the sidewalk and pokes us with a stick once a week to see if there is any response.

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The life support is those who are actually paying for items.

There should be at least 12 new 4v4 maps alone. Not counting new btb maps. When forge is released forge made maps should be put into matchmaking like mcc and h5. Right now there should be all of the normal ranked and social playlists. We should have ranked arena, team slayer, doubles, ffa, sniper, and swat.