It's not fun anymore

Halo4 just isn’t fun for me. I just jumped on for some relaxing fun after spending Christmas with my family, friends, and GF but it’s frustrating. I got a JiP losing game on Haven against a party, a lagging game on Adrift, and a LongBow dominion game against a party with a max rank unicorn where my team didn’t even shoot at the enemy and we didn’t capture a single base.

This -Yoink- isn’t fun. I hate having to play hard at all times or get shoe-horned into using the DMR because it’s better than the BR. There’s no playlist to just have fun in, there’s nowhere to go when I want to mess around on my own, there’s no playlist where I can consistently have -Yoinking!- fun. I’m either stuck against parties with strats or dealing with BS in the game. Halo4 makes me rage just as much as CoD and Reach does.

So Halo4 I’m going to treat you exactly like I did with Reach. You’re going to gather dust on my shelf until one of my friends asks me to play. Until 343 patches the -Yoink- out of you I’m not investing any time into you. If I can’t sit down and enjoy you, you aren’t worth it.

I’m going back to H3, BF3, and Skyrim until you get your -Yoink- together.

I just found my clone! :open_mouth: Or I am the clone?

You need to start playing some custom games and probably play slayer pro for awhile.

Freaking Skyrim. I’ve been up and down that map since launch and I still keep running into into new dungeons or some randomly insane event. Well done Bethesada. I’ll take your glitches and town killing vampires over egghead any day of the week.

I wish there was a Social playlist; you have to tryhard far too often to win at H4, and God forbid you try to use a weapon like the Storm Rifle to have fun against a partied up team of DMR users.

Every playlist is a social playlist. There aren’t ranks. XD

Don’t worry about your K/d. Just try your best, have fun. Have playlists that you try in and have your relaxing one.

> I’m going back to H3, BF3, and Skyrim until you get your Yoink! together.

I don’t believe they will get their Yoink! together ever with this game. The so-called rankings we are to receive will be website viewable only and there will still be no clear-cut ranked/social playlists. Why they broke the formula that worked magnificently in Halo 2 to Halo 3 is beyond me. The game is a right mess now and will forever be one.

> Every playlist is a social playlist. There aren’t ranks. XD
> Don’t worry about your K/d. Just try your best, have fun. Have playlists that you try in and have your relaxing one.

There’s a hidden trueskill, and for me it is VERY tight. If I go into any Slayer game, chances are that one of the following happens:

A) Both teams are well matched, it’s a close game (I can get a lot of games where my team loses/wins by 50 or fewer points - this and B tend to consist of approximately 90-95% of my games).

B) I’m moderately well matched with the enemy, but one or more of my teammates aren’t and cost us the game (what happens many times when I lose, as I don’t often dip below a 1 KD in Slayer).

C) The enemy is a coordinated party and absolutely demolishes my team, I barely maintain a 1 KD or dip slightly below it.

It’s much, much more uncommon for me to get a game where I can screw around with any old weapon and still do all right or even well, many Slayer games I’m in, there are a host of weapons with which I will be hurting my team (by having a bad K/D) if I use them, due to the skill of the other team. I can honestly say that I envy those of you complaining about your “lack” of trueskill or “loose” trueskill.

I also really, really want that Gungnir helmet, and will persevere with Slayer up until I have that beautiful -Yoink-, and while I wouldn’t consider myself “competitive”, I view a match where I obtain less than 1 KD (in Slayer; not gametypes where KD doesn’t matter) as a failure, and don’t derive joy from getting killed constantly.

Not alone… the people in the same boat don’t frequent the forums or play anymore… I just realized myself it’s no fun unless you are playing with friends…

I know that feel.

I’ve been using different loadouts. AR and storm rifle are more fun than you’d think! Definately plasma grenades, and thruster pack to stick people than thruster, or manuever around/behind people for the ninja. I know that thruster pack isn’t the best armor ability, but it’s fun and people don’t expect it very often. Play with friends and the game becomes fun again!

I don’t play past 5pm. Maybe I’m coming on too early.

Well then get the FusRohDah off our forums then!

I couldn’t resist. People are saying that the game will get an update in January. Hopefully it will take care of the problems that your specified (at this point, I do believe that some of what the OP said are legitimate problems). Sure people say that a ranked and casual playlist will divide the community . . . but maybe, having more specified playlists will draw MORE players to the game where that wouldn’t matter! At least that’s what it felt like in Halo 3. That’s just one example.

To a degree, I do feel for yah OP.

Don’t be silly… Thruster has massive amounts of potential!

Pro player Ninja uses that thing to the max and just destroys with Thruster!

So keeping track lately, my past 50 random-search games breaks down with the following stats:

a) 31/50 games (MM issue): Glaring K/D disparity between teams. 26 of these 31 games were not against a party.

b) 20/50 games (Connection issue): Between roughly 1/3 and 1/2 of opposing team members receive little-to-no damage or enjoy a multiple-second delay before dying. During this period they can still deal damage and often obtain ill-gotten kills before randomly falling over.

c) 19/50 games: Quality games. Some won, some lost. All pretty smooth and balanced in some fashion.

d) 7/50 games (Connection issue): Repeated host migration, at times begetting a multi-minute blackscreen. 2 of these 7 games have resulted in being thrown into a separate game altogether via the JiP system, midway through an active match.

e) 5/50 games (Honorable Annoyance, not a game problem): The vast majority of the opposing team does not leave their initial spawn area. After picking off noobs and earning Ordnance, their side is more or less a sniper/incineration cannon hotel.

f) 1/50 games (A ‘WTF’ occurrence): Notable for being the only CTF game played of the past 50 games. All but one member of the opposing team hung out at their flag and laughed on-mic while one lone team member captured and returned the flag without dying. The person in question earned over 2,000pts for the match and literally appeared to have godmode on.

I want to say that I love Halo. I bought an xbox and then a 360 primarily to play Halo. I’m even a Halo 4 fan… but this track record is unacceptable for a multibillion-dollar franchise. I have little-to-none in the way of problems with the weapon balancing. I don’t think the Plasma Pistol, Stickies, DMR, or Boltshot are a problem. It’s the back-end silliness I have an issue with (mentioned in ‘a,’ ‘b,’ and ‘d’).

It’s worthy of note that I have a 50up/ 14down connection, experience little or no problems on other games on xbl or pc, and my ping on most games is between 24ms and 45ms. My K/D is 1.3; my KA/D is 1.9 in spite of these issues. I just want to play some ‘good ole fashioned’ fair games with consistency, whether I win or lose.

Seems like some people agree with me.

I can’t play Slayer-Pro since it no longer exists, but that’s not really an issue because it wasn’t fun in the first place.
I could run customs, except I don’t have enough friends on Halo4 to ever play them. Plus if I have to go out of my way to make a game fun it isn’t worth it.