It's not aim assist, it's red reticle (or the lack thereof)

I’m posting here something I think may have merit that somebody said in one of my communities. kbm = keyboard and mouse.

"I think collectively we need to be more selective when we talk about the differences in MKB and Controller.

What I mean by this is that, through testing. It is not aim assist or lock on that seems to be making a difference in ttk in this game. It is bullet magnetism.

What I mean by this is that, through some rudimentary testing, the ONLY aim assist that exists is reticle deceleration, which requires input from the right thumbstick. There is no reticle lock forcing it to drag across the screen like in past halos.

Where the quantifiable difference is, is in bullet magnetism, or red reticle activation.

What they have done is actively disabled the red reticle quality of weapons that do not explicitly rely on it. As such, a mnk player HAS to have reticle at least moderately on target, where as controller player has to only be touching the outline of the target with the edge of their reticle.

This is a subtle but very impactful difference. Because what is happening is a deliberate change of a weapon’s properties because you are using a different form of control.

I also believe this to be the reason you see a higher average accuracy on controller vs kbm as well, as we have all seen videos of skewer shots turning into needler shard levels of tracking.

All in all. Beyond the inherent skill required to use a kbm, 343i saw fit to fundamentally change the properties of a weapon and make kbm be at an active disadvantage.

The disabling of red reticle and fundamentally altering the capabilities of certain weapons is a deliberate choice made, and one that I disagree with."

This makes a lot of sense to me and explains why the Stalker and Sniper feel unusable. I have to hit within a hair’s width on their hit for my shot to land but controller players don’t and they report both guns feeling fine.
IF this is the issue PC players are experiencing, 343, you know what to do to make it right. Bring back red reticle for mouse and keyboard.


I totally agree with you and I want that back too on pc.
Cause you have to know that someone playing on pc with a controller don’t have the red reticle.
But people doesn’t seem to understand that and focus on the “aim-assist”… :pensive:

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Aim assist is an easy target and most people don’t follow up hypothesis with due diligence, they just parrot the room.