It's nearly impossible to challenge a sniper.

I just understand I put shots on people with snipers all the time but yet they don’t even move and still kill me with ease.

Its not IMPOSSIBLE to challenge a sniper. All It is really is how well you aim as well as your reaction time. Keep playing with Sniper Rifles and you will get better.

It’s because there is no descoping.

With the no Descoping they really need to open up the Railgun to pound a sniper’s position. Either that or get your Mic open and start coordinating.

The lack of descoping in this game is making long ranged combat far too dominant, and is taking away the fun close-mid range combat that was present in past Halo games.

I can’t begin to fathom why descoping was removed for flinching…

The descoping is HUGE in their case, plus a lot use that commendation that gives their weapon even more stability.

By sniper you mean dmr?