It's insane how far we've come

Hey all, sorry if this is a bit wordy, or doesn’t necessarily fit the here, but I’m so happy about the state of Halo right now it’s not even funny. 2021 has been great, and will only improve. Let’s face it, 2020 was a bit… rough in the world of Halo. between Halo 2’s broken PC launch, to that infamous demo that shall not be named. While it had some definite High points, like the MCC being complete on PC, Infinite was in a terrible state, and was a joke for good reason. The delay led to a drought, I still remember that September-December period of seeing the Halo Infinite monsters, but not having Halo infinite. I remember trying to learn everything I could about the game, and the communities main source of info for a few weeks was Mega Blocks sets.

But, everything changed around June. When the Xbox E3 came on, and a new Halo Infinite was shown, and flights were announced. The game looked great! and when the flights came, played great! To anyone from 343, if there’s any chance you’re reading this, congrats, Y’all pulled it together, and I can’t wait to play the final product in December!

(I also posted this in r/halo so don’t be confused if you’re reading this again)

Indeed. Things are going to be very, very, very eventful come December.

There still seems to be some apprehension surrounding the game, which is warranted. But overall, I’m satisfied with what I’ve gotten to see/play so far. Are there things I’d like to see changed/tweaked, added, or removed? Yes but overall, I feel like the game is in a good place.