It's good!!

I must say that I didn’t have a lot of faith when I pre-ordered Halo 4. ODST was stupid, and Halo itself died for me with Reach. When I saw that Halo 4 would have armor abilities, assassinations and Sprint, I resigned myself to the fact that I would get Halo 4, but not end up playing it a whole heck of a lot (just like Reach).

After playing matchmaking for the last four days, I must say, 343i has taken all the elements that they tried to incorporate into Reach, and succeeded. The controls, the pace, the graphics all feel right. The AA’s add interest and variety without taking over combat. The vehicles feel fantastic. The field-of-view makes the game feel immersive. Sprint doesn’t REALLY ruin the game, it just speeds it up. And… the maps don’t suck!! :slight_smile:

The ability to join games in progress and gain exp even though you lost seemed fundamentally “wrong” to me as an old H2 TS guy, but I can see how this will keep more people coming back for more games. Making a team of 4 quit out in H3 within the first two minutes may have been good for your rank, but I think it ultimately made matchmaking a worse place for casuals. With the new system, I think they can keep a larger population, which means more people for me to shoot! There’s still the part of me that thinks “If you lose you shouldn’t get SH**!!” but if more players are coming away from games happy and ready to play more, I can’t argue.

I spent hours and hours of my life playing Halo 2 and 3 and then hated what happened with Reach. I know not everybody agrees with me that Halo 4 feels tight, fresh, and like a Halo game, but this is one old Halo fan whose faith has been restored. Huzzah!

Now give us more damn custom options. :\