It's good, but to make it better...

This is my first post, I will do my best to keep it as succinct as possible.

Let me begin by saying that I have been playing the Halo franchise since I brought home my large black brick and Duke controller. The one thing that has always impressed me is the devs understanding of their audience, and that certainly hasn’t changed since 343 has taken the reins.

I have always enjoyed playing Halo competitively, whether online or in the same room. I typically play SWAT, though when playing with friends I do branch out, so I was glad to see it stayed around as a playlist in Halo 4.

I do have a couple of suggestions that would certainly make me enjoy this game even more. They may seem minor or insignificant, but also probably easy to implement.

First, I do not care for the font you have selected for the lobby player cards. More specifically the fact that it is all uppercase. Many Xbox live users put a lot of time into their gamertags, and many have to get somewhat creative to be able to use the handle they are accustomed to. I have noticed this in the Halo community in particular. While my own gamertag is largely unaffected, I have several friends whose GTs are less understandable because of this change. Perhaps a system where players can unlock new font styles/colors as they progress? Just a thought.

Second, when in game, I noticed that rather than announcing kill details as it was done in Reach (player0ne pummeled Reptar, or player0ne was killed by a Reptar headshot) all kills are simply announced as generic. I was unsure if this was a deliberate change. I often would use that information strategically. If the intention is to remove this information, then disregard this suggestion.

On a related note, I personally miss the red X that indicated where a team mate died. This made it easy to call out locations to players who may not be as familiar with the maps.

Finally, when new players join a match on the opposing team, I still receive the “new player has joined YOUR team” message. Not a big deal, but there it is.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and keep up the good work.