We’re a UK based Spartan company with open slots available and cater for players of all skills and types.

Casual Players:
We run weekly event nights for Warzone & Arena and have players at all skill levels who take part. It is extremely unusual to find a night where company members are not playing. We all run open parties, so you’re free to drop in and play whenever you can.

Creative Players:
We run a weekly custom games night focusing on the best maps from the company and community at large. We have a great set of forgers and have company maps listed on Forgehub (search for Orion VII).

Competitive Players:
We have setup ESL, MLG and GGL (Griffball) teams so that you can scratch your competitive itch. We hope to extend these activities further into tournament play.We are recruiting and need active, mature and friendly players at all skill levels - ideally based in the United Kingdom and Europe.There are a few requirements to join our company:

  • You must be 18 years or older - Be based or active in the GMT/BST Time zone. - You must be an active Halo 5 with a mic - You must be friendly to all members of the clan. It is okay to have fun and be competitive, but be constructive with clan-mates, don’t get frustrated if someone isn’t on your skill level.Apply here ORION VII or msg me (Legion Vs) directly for an invite.