It's flippin Christmas! (e3 spoilers)

Today was the start of E3 2012, i’m sure most of you were watching. When i saw the Halo 4 trailer I almost -Yoink- my pantz, i don’t even no where to start. (spoilers ahead) I will summarize why i -Yoink- my pants, orange scary aliens, tons of spartans in campaign, orange scary alien weapons, predator vision, elephant on steroids, covenant are still fighting, cortana is going crazy, giant mech robot from Gundam, and a mysterious voice says it has been waiting to meet the reclaimer ( most likely the cousin of the crazy -Yoink- oracle that lazered sgt johnson). On top of that i get on my xbox after micrsoft viewing and there is an update for waypoint in which i can use flipping voice commands. 343 you have out done your selves today, even though Halo 4 is 5 months away it feels so close.

Shout out to flippin skyrim vampire hybrid from underworld dlc and that cool looking alien/shooter mmo for the xbox.

Merry flippin Christmas community, cause yall are teh manz… or ladyz.