it's feels like there is Halo boomers

What i mean is people who do all these things
-Crap on everything 343i ever did, no matter if it was good
-Are pessimistic as hell, for any upcoming halo games
-Crap on new players, or any player who like halo 4 & 5
-Worship bungie games like god
Idk, that’s just what i think-

The truth is that every new halo game has hate because its different from the last. People hated halo 2 when it first came out because of the “its too different” mentality. People hated halo 3 with the whole equipment is unbalanced fiasco. Then reach with the armor abilities, etc. 343 could unleash a new halo every year with very minimal and changes to game play and people wouldn’t be satisfied either. Halo 5 is a step in the right direction in terms of gameplay and I hope infinite follows down that path. I welcome new mechanics like skill based movement. It adds much needed new depth to the game. The same game every year gets bland. I.e. cod and any sports game ever. I suppose that’s why 343 created the MCC to satisfy that market. Ive been playing since halo ce and I honestly love halo 5 I have more fun with it then the classic halos. Im not biased with nostalgia in my video games. Halo 3 absorbed thousands of hours of game time from me and it’ll always hold a special place in my library, but I’m glad halo is getting refreshed with every title. Its nice.

Halo boomers might definitely be a thing, I like that xD… But every individual has their own variation of opinions, they are not that black and white.
Different people criticise 343 for different things, but those people aren’t 1 entity.

-They should be encouraged to express their dislike about things 343 have done if they don’t like them, “good” is subjective.
-They should be allowed to be sceptical and even pessimistic for upcoming games.
-However should not crap on new players, that’s dumb. Though, my favourite MP is Halo 4’s but I’ve never felt crapped on for that, maybe a bit lonely though :wink: lmao.
-Nothing wrong with worshipping the originals, I agree, they are still better games.

I would in many topics consider myself a Halo Boomer. Then again… I like sprint xD.

Halo has generally followed the following trend:

  • Game releases - People hate it because it’s not like the last one - The next game comes out - People appreciate the game that they previously hated - RepeatThat’s true of just about every gaming franchise.

I think I fall on the line when it comes to Halo “Boomerism”. I much prefer the Bungie era, but I can appreciate much of what 343 has done. The books have been incredible and games like H4 and HW2 were great additions to the overall story. My real issue with the 343 era is the need to make all lore equal. It’s okay to put the games first. Halo is a gaming franchise first (yes, I know Fall of Reach released before CE). Trying to make all lore equal has really hamstrung Halo’s creativity. The “Rule of Cool” needs to return, rather than forgoing something that could be cool because it doesn’t fit with some obscure lore reference.

TL;DR: Cool > Extended Lore

more pointless labels and division is the exact opposite of what this community needs. Deal with people’s arguments, rather than attacking them.