It's clear the predatory pricing and progression was done on purpose, but the damage has already been done

It’s clear what’s happening here is that 343 (likely directed to do so by Microsoft) has applied the extremely slow progression and high store prices on purpose; that way once they inevitably “fix” them, they will be praised for “listening to the community”. I believe they’ve purposely set the bar so incredibly low that they will have no where to go but up, in order to invalidate future criticism about these issues, i.e. “well at least it’s not nearly as bad as launch!”

But this predatory behavior from several AAA studios has become extremely transparent, and we can easily see what’s really happening here. Microsoft assumed that they could apply these tactics to ensure that the game would have a future, by attempting to stomp out the future criticism by the time the game “officially” launches on December 8. And calling the early launch an “open beta” (even though it really isn’t, especially considering an event is in progress) I also think could be used as an excuse going forward, i.e. “It’s only a beta! These issues aren’t present in the actual game!”

But in this case, I don’t think this method will work. People have been far too frustrated with this type of behavior from many companies for far too long, and I think (scratch that… KNOW) that it will bite Microsoft in this game directly in the -Yoink!-.

The game is incredibly fun! And the campaign seems like it could be what fans have been wanting for years! But I feel that this game’s reputation has already been obliterated before even launching. And this time, I’m afraid that it won’t be restored. The mistake has been made, the damage had already been done. No amount of improvements is going to remove the bitter taste from the community’s collective mouth.

One more thing I want to say: I do not blame 343 for this, especially any of the devs or community team. This was likely all Microsoft’s doing.


I feel like they are hoping we’ll forget how terrible MCC was when it first released and only look at it now as something that was highly successful with its battle pass system and online play. When it first came out, it had absolutely terrible reviews (worse than Infinite’s criticism).

I can see your thought process on the pricing of the shop, and while I don’t entirely disagree with you, I do feel like they are trying to model after the other games on the market but put their own spin on it hoping that we’ll accept it at face value.

At the same time, everything in the shop is purely cosmetic, and if enough people don’t spend money in there, they will eventually reduce their prices to attract more buyers. I wonder if things in the shop will change prior to the game releasing in December. Although, with a majority playing Halo strictly for the pvp, I doubt it.

I have a hard time blaming 343 for this. Apparently, this system ruffled some feathers internally as well, but Microsoft was willing to shoot their shot at making Infinite a cash cow, and from an apathetic business perspective I understand it.

Also, if you look at other games, Infinite’s system isn’t all that unfamiliar. The “issue” is that we’re a bunch of spoiled Halo fans, and that’s not a bad thing. We aren’t cowering to -Yoink!- industry practices; we know what our time and money is worth and we won’t tolerate the current system. Right now, what we’re doing is validating what several members of 343 have apparently been thinking all along.

It’s a shame that the game’s launch is probably screwed at this point. While I can move on and simply enjoy the game once the system gets fixed, I certainly won’t forget about this.

I’ve only bought the pass. Not spending anything else until prices are lower, and you get more bang for your buck. Hopefully, 343i will make the once Season 2 content that is now the extended Season 1, free for pass owners because TECHNICALLY it is Season 1. This includes the rest of the Reach armor that isn’t available in Season 1 like JFO, MkV, MP, Pilot, etc.