Its been about a month now...

It has been about a month since halo 4 has been released. During this past month i have got to experience one of the biggest halo games of all time, and this is what i have to say about it.

  1. Campain was great! I loved the story, and i like MOST of the new character.

  2. Forge sucks! 343 has crippled the forge community by adding this new “Flood” game type. Good old infection game types like fat kid, cops and robbers, just keep driving, splatter monkey, and many more will never be seen again. For years i have dreamed of playing as a flood infected spartan, but not at the exspence of my fat kid game nights. Also, all of the good old racing maps are gone for good.

  3. Was making multiplayer cannon really worth it? Elites are gone, and all of the good machinimas with them. Machinimas like this are lost to the old trilogy.

  4. Spartan ops is great! in fact, its the only thing that keeps me playing halo (that and dominion)

So thats my opinion of halo 4. The story was amazing, but the multiplayer and forge need to be fixed.(to much lag) If you loved any of the previous halo games for game play, then you wont really like one. If you are planing to buy it for Christmas, then dont. Its not worth it.

I really liked campaign but I’ve got some issues with forge. Elements not aligning properly, imagine making a fenced area only to have a small distance out with each individual part which accumulates into quite a big gap when it comes together… The change from infection to flood cripples customs somewhat as you said, I was looking forward to recreating Jenga… But alas.

It seems you can no longer create structures where the components are free to move, which is integral to Jenga if any pieces are to be knocked off, more so than the infection game type…

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Anybody here? Well you people arnt posting on this thread because you know im right.

You’re the only person I’ve seen since release who has reminded me of that Elite fiasco. You also said SpOps was good.

Sure it is your opinion, but I’m not sure how to be constructive to such.

In regards to racing, I have epic Mario Kart 64 remakes on my fileshare. Bowser’s Castle and Wario Stadium. Banshee Boardwalk and Sherbet Land soon. Use the RACETRACKS gametype on my fileshare.