It's Been A While

It’s been a couple of months since I lasted played Halo 5. I last played it around spring and bored of it when summer came around. I took a few months off and decided to play it again at a later time. Now it’s the fall and I still have little interest in replaying this game. I’ll play a bit to look at the new forge items but I won’t touch multiplayer. Halo 5’s is just so uneventful. The grinding is too monotonous and the game gets stale. Is the game just bad or is it me. Definitely a combination of both. Halo 5 just does not have the longevity like the older Halos had. I love Halo. I tried my hardest to like Halo 5 but I can’t play it anymore (disregarding forge, which I pretty much only play Halo 5 for). What do you think? Is Halo 5 still fun to play? Or has it gone stale and just isn’t as fun anymore because of grinding Reqs or the game just isn’t fun. Please let me know your thoughts.