It's been a Long, Strange, Trip (MARK V Appreciation)

IT’s been 10 years I’ve been wearing you. I would love nothing more than to continue to have you protect me… I trust you.

Please 343, Include Mark V armor in Halo 4’s MP…

Anyone agree?

I’m sure that no matter what Halo game there will always be room for the trusty Mark V.

Ah yes, agreed. That’s why I feel naked in Halo 2. I’m sure they’ll find a way to include it. They know their roots.

Halo2’s armour made me feel feminine. Halo3’s was much better, thank the polygons.

None make me feel the the Mk.V did. Perhaps the Mk.VII will bring back that feeling.

What feeling is that? Why that of a demi-god of course. Having no fall damage plus no impact cushioning didn’t make me feel like a god, it made me feel like a plastic soldier.

Weird like that.

I sure hope it does. I already like the look of the new Armor.