Its basically impossible to balance a game around the BR (and the DMR)

First off, I do love that Infinite’s BR is the first BR to actually lose at close range to the AR which is a great thing. This finally pulled the BR into the meta instead of letting it sit on top as the “utility weapon”.

But why is it every precision weapon is compared to the BR and if its not as good people say the other guns are bad and not that the BR is too good and too easy to use? (This also applies to many map weapons as well, why pick it up if the BR already covers that use case?)

Aside from losing to the AR at close range the BR still has:

  • long range
  • no bloom
  • low recoil, if any
  • no penalty to hip fire
  • a scope
  • near perfect accuracy
  • a large mag (can kill more spartans per mag
    than most guns
  • large ammo pool (as a spawn weapon this
    effectively gives you infinite ammo)
  • near hitscan projectiles

[The DMR has all of these pros except for the bloom, that said in Reach it was even more oppressive than the BR ever was. The antimaterial rounds they gave it made it tear through vehicles too fast especially in BTB, so the Reach DMR should never be brought back without significant nerfs, if you played Reach in its prime you will remember just how OP this thing was)

The BR hardly has any weaknesses and is super easy to use. I wonder if the Halo community will ever realize its basically impossible to balance other weapons around the BR because the BR is so dang OP with very few draw backs. Without the BR in the game the Commando would actually be a decent mid range weapon but because it has such and OP cousin it gets easily outclassed.

Whether you like it or not the BR is the definition of OP in a game where weapons have certain use cases. Before Infinite the BR could be used more effectively in most cases then 95% of the weapons in any given circumstance. This causes players to pick up other weapons less. Now some people like this and i can’t say i do but i understand why. It ensures that even if you lose the map weapons you can’t as easily be steam rolled. It also lets you beam most people if you see them as soon as you spawn so there is less running after spawn before an engagement. That said this also lowers map movement and the number of close range engagements. Small to medium vehicles are also less viable with BR starts as its much easier to snipe people out of them with a BR.

AR spawns allow more map movement. Map weapons have a much more significant roll as the AR shares much of its range with many map weapons that can out kill it unless you stay at the very top end of effective AR range so less safe space to backpeddle into when compared to a BR. ARs starts also means many more close range fights and that if you see someone at long range you know most likely they won’t be beaming you so you can take different routes than a BR spawn would of allowed for.

All this said I know people would love for Social play lists to have a BR version and i would say thats fine as long as i can also get a ranked AR playlist. Both spawn weapons just play so differently its basically 2 separate games. Completely different strategies and such but does Infinite have the player base to support this IDK?

Now the real question is if we want other guns to be more viable without drastically lowering the average time to kill in Infinite by buffing everything else to make it compete with the BR, do we just nerf the BR to make it less of an easy to use Ace of all Trades? i.e give it recoil and make it have bloom when hip firing to encourage its use at longer ranges and the need for a secondary that will cover you at close range thus giving it a distinct roll in the sandbox

I am curious to see how they’ll handle the DMR. Maybe put it between the BR and the Shock Rifle.

Going by how they handled the BR, they’ll probably set the TTK to be a mix between all of the iterations we’ve seen so far.

It looks like the Bandit Rifle won’t have a scope either so it will different from the DMR already. I can’t say I’m not scared of it just being OP as heck and I would argue the BR is currently still too strong but it is nice its not as OP as it used to be.