Its a myth that halo has 3 tiers of weapon power

A bulldog (placed on maps like its a power weapon) is not stronger than a BR (tier 1 weapon)

Every weapon is basically tier 1 with their pros and cons except for obvious power weapons like rockets, sniper, sword, cindershot etc.
People think other weapons like the mangler are stronger because they like to use the BR as a close range weapon(its designed for long range combat) and that is where the problem lies. we need a close range starting weapon so we can combat fairly whatever the sandbox throws at us and even stand a chance against close range power weapons such as sword.

who wants to fight for a heatwave (why not start with one?)when the game could let us fight for a cindershot or whatever instead. I’m just saying, the current system sucks the fun out of the game. Not only that, its unbalanced.

In the games I’ve been playing people are favouring the Bulldog, Mangler, and Needler for close quarter encounters.

Occasionally the plasma pistol… but that seems to be still favoured for the mid-range noober.

But I love the Bulldog!

I can’t say I’m a fan of the Heatwave. I take it we’re talking Live Fire here? But it still seems hotly contested at the start of the game. Not so much later though. It’s niche is probably more oddball and strongholds - where you can spread some damage across multiple opponents. I don’t bother with if for Slayer.

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the heatwave is the hardest to use. So it would be good for ultra competitive settings. bulldog is the easiest, good for more relaxed modes. The mangler is somewhere in the middle.

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