ITIM Clan Recruiting

The official ITIM clan is recruiting. We will soon have a website up but for now I’d like to give you the invite to join. Our clan has good gamers and a great social network if anyone wants a clan they can make friends in or have a military experience this is the clan for you. If you want to join read the manual.

ITIM Manual


There are 4 Leaders, The Council of 4. Members may rank up through the clan. Members may not become leaders. If a Leader leaves the clan, the remaining Leaders may vote to have the next highest or eldest member to become a leader.


Under each Leader there is a division.
A division is a group of 5 to 8 Spartans. Each Member will be drafted into one of 4 divisions after 2 days. Each division will be a color and have an emblem that represents their division.

ITIM Ranking:

The ranking goes up through the division.

Recruit ( Before division draft )
ITIM Member
ITIM Sergeant
ITIM Captain
ITIM Commander
ITIM General
ITIM Division Recruiter
Council of 4 Leader


Once every Saturday a training session will be offered. Each member must go at least once a month.


Every other week on Sunday a Tournament will be held . Each division will enter.

How to Rank Up:

To rank up you must wait 3 days to rank up from ITIM Member. Your Council of 4 Leader must approve a Rank Up.


Meetings will be held whenever needed. The Council of 4 and their Division Recruiters will be the only members allowed.