Items in fracture event

so for this event you can only get to level 7 or whatever it is then wait until the next week of the event to get another 7? that seems weird so what happens if for the 2nd week your unavailable and can’t play? does that screw you for the 3rd week or can you make it up? i assumed you could just get through as much as possible

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Yep, they really screwed the pooch with these events, by limiting how many levels you can get before the week is out. The fiesta challenges should refresh at least daily. You should be able to grind it out in a week if you want to.

To me, this proves that they are trying to actively incentivize people to spend money. Terrible “player-forst” decision.


Yeah its actually insanely obvious that they want people to spend money to do things that are guised as “Free”

While its technically “free”, if you want to actually get it all done, you’d have to pay or spend all day every day playing lmaooo.

Imagine thinking we are going to buy challenge swaps with real life money just to get fiesta challenges… so sad

I only got to lvl 2 and ran out of challenges. Am I missing something?

The fiesta challenges come up as weekly challenges. Instead of needing exp, you get one level for every challenge completed. Check your weeklies to see if you have any with the orange flag on them.

I checked and none have the orange/red banner. All I have left are the normal weeklies. I had several when I first came on. I completed those and got to lvl 2 of the event pass only.

They botched the whole thing twice over.

Weird. That’s incredibly frustrating.

What I come to notice is that you have to clear regular challenges out for more event challenges to become available, but instead I think it should be separate lists of challenges.

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Tried that it just keeps giving me normal challenges and not the event ones.