Item rarity makes absolutely no sense

At Tier 31 for instance, we have a “Epic AI Color” yet at Tier 36, a higher tier we have a “Rare AI Model”, how are “Epic” items, which by nature of the ranking system are rarer, are acquired earlier than a “rare” items? Helmets are the same thing. Tier 37, legendary helmet attachment, where as Tier 84 has an Epic. Almost 50 tiers later and you get “Epic”


It’s a minor detail but you have a valid point.


Pricing. Gold items are 25$+ in the store


Yes but in the pass itself, these more expensive items are unlock many level earlier. I don’t think Halo is the only game that has this issue. I’m sure I’ve seen it in COD before. It’s just annoying to look at, like they just put a mishmash of items in the pass, with rarity’s chose by RNG and called it a day.

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It’s entirely arbitrary. Like Mess said, about the only thing that’s gonna relate to rarity is “we called this item rarer, so we’re gonna price it higher”.

I completely agree. Looks sloppy and rushed.

It’s definitely strange. It seems like they are going by expected popularity or price, rather than actual “rarity”. Paid items would naturally be more rare the more expensive they are - but it’s easy to tell that from the item itself. No one is showing off the rarity of their item, they’re expressing their personal taste.
Late battle pass items would also naturally be more rare but that is not the current setup.

Just strange. Not bad, but pointless.

I came here to ask what the battle pass item rarity differences were myself. I do not understand what makes an item purple compared to a yellow.

Was just about to make a post about this. The item rarity thing absolutely feels like an illusion. Its really strange.