Item rarity is redundant and even predatory

Now, let me be honest… like most people haven’t been, I don’t entirely know if this fits feedback, but that’s not important.

I think the item rarity is a bit predatory, but also redundant.
Redundant, in that, it’s armor. This isn’t a battle royale, or Roguelite/Roguelike, where it’ll have multiple modifiers or other :poop: like that, with the color usually indicating how many mods it has or whatever, so rarity for an armor piece is irrelevant. Because if you think it looks cool, or a combination looks cool to you, since it has no effect on gameplay, it’s rarity is, well, no need repeating myself, but because it has an epic or legendary rarity my monkey brain is like “ooga booga, purple and yellow colored stuff, better looking than blue” and I’m more likely to combine epics and legendaries rather than rares, which is where it being predatory comes in.

Predatory, in how I explained earlier. However, this can only really be considered predatory based on what I said previously if they were only just found in like the Battle Pass, because then it’s just whatever just thrown around and given rarities randomly, it’s not like most of these higher rarity and even cool-looking armors will be locked behind a paywall in a store, and usually sell for $10+…



Yeah in hindsight putting this in “feedback” is a bit of a mistake.
What’d I suggest is just removing rarities. They’re just colors but they still send subliminal messages into the brain that you WANT it bad.

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I can guarantee you that rarity is either a holdover from Halo Infinite’s earliest (and struggled) designs, or simply an acquired customization trait of 343’s Halos post-Guardians.

I agree with you, item rarity is just a way to artificially inflate the value of specific cosmetics. This way 343 can make one random bundle with four or five items more expensive than the entire six month Battle Pass that has way more “epic” and “legendary” items then ANY bundle ever sold.

It seems item rarity was purely added to go with Free to play model to maximize their market schemes in Infinite. I think item rarity’s main purpose is to try and trick new players and/or players who are compulsive spenders into thinking certain armors/cosmetics are more important than others. It’s all for looks, that’s it. You can’t even earn it anymore lol so cosmetics have truly lost all value to me in Halo.

So in the end, it’s all just BS lol it was added because 343 knows the veteran players can’t do anything about it. It’s either we deal with 343’s ignorant work ethic that is a laughing stock among the gaming community or we don’t play Halo anymore. And since 343 can’t ever create a Halo game that can be properly compared to any of the original trilogy, they are doing whatever the frick they want, with no regards to what any of their fans actually want.

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Really just seems to be a bizarre system that is entirely subjective. What determines why one helmet is labeled Epic and another labeled Legendary? Most likely just 343 figuring which of the two is gonna be more liked by players and so “justify” the rating. Similar to how Bungie decided which armor pieces were gonna be locked behind a certain rank and credit cost for Reach I imagine.

Apparently it might’ve been a thing in 5? 'Course in the way Infinite monetizes itself, these two things comb together into something worse.