Item quality of life wishlist

Why are items such as your end of game stance and AI not able to be equipped randomly from your favorites? Are favorites just there for item bloat? And if so why? Why be able to look at the items you like the most when without being able to have them randomly equip you’re most likely just going to choose the single one you like the most out of those anyways?
Also why aren’t there loadout slots for your Spartan’s armor? I’ve seen people say this is what armor cores are meant to be but they aren’t? They’re just an arbitrary separation of armor pieces and coatings.
Armor cores should turn into loadouts you can make yourself with event armor cores just being special loadouts that take unique event gear since stuff like Yoroi’s armor isn’t as easily transferred to other cores, and all Mk. VII and Mk. V(b) armor pieces as well as any future armor core’s similar enough to those two should be folded into each other to give as much player expression as possible, with prosthetic appearances and similar undersuits being able to be switched in the Body and AI menu, with event core prosthetics like Yoroi’s being made into options for any other core as well since there’s really no reason it shouldn’t be (and Yoroi’s prosthetics look sick as hell).
And while on the topic of armor while this isn’t QoL- why the hell does your armor shake around and chase your body floating behind where it should be? It’s very noticeable on a lot of armor on the game start screen when your Spartan is emoting before battle, and I can’t fathom a single reason why your armor models wouldn’t just be, attached to your body model, it’s so weird I don’t remember ever seeing something like it before and certainly not in any Halo game.
Also it’d be neat if you could choose your emblems place on your gun, I don’t like when they cover graphics on the gun and on most guns the emblems are warped by the guns’ frames, also more emblem color customization would be appreciated, or just emblem customization in general outside of choosing presets.
Having the customization ui be vertical so you could see your entire Spartan without going into a separate menu to press an inspect button would also be nice -_-