It would be cool if map weights could rotate seasonally

Personally, I’m not totally happy with the map weights in MCC. For example I think Reach BTB is weighted too heavily towards DLC maps and not enough towards Forge World maps. So I would like to see the map weights get changed.

But instead of trying to figure out the “optimal” way to weight the maps, why not have the weights change over time, on a monthly basis? I think this would be a great way to ensure that players get to experience a wide variety of maps, while still maintaining some consistency. You could even have themed months, for example one month you could favor launch maps, while the next month favors DLC maps or Forge maps. I think this would be really cool, and it would add some much appreciated variety for long term players.

Why weight maps at all? I would rather play all maps equally all the time.


How about just have them all equal? And, genius idea that has never ever been thought of, voting or veto? I know, crazy idea.

Vetoing/voting will always be a good idea. Some people love Forge maps, some hate them. I feel like I don’t get the Halo Online maps enough, others think we get them too much. I’m sick of the Heretic level, but others like it. Adding veto/voting is the only way to satisfy as many people as possible and find a middle ground between all the demographics of players.