It was just for fun

Ok. So 3 of my friends and I got on Halo 4 and for some unknown reason we decided to put our primary armor color to Rose and our secondary armor color to Teal just for the heck of it! Well, we were actually dominating in those colors and we were sure the other team was saying “I can’t believe we just got owned by a bunch of pink dudes (or maybe girls depending on what they were thinking)!” So, after a while, we decided that we wanted our old colors back and changed them back to what they originally were. No big deal right? WRONG! Apparently, Waypoint thought that we looked good in Rose and Teal (and believe me, it looks awful) and now we are stuck with those colors in our Spartan stances and stats. FACEPALM I just want my old colors to return so I don’t have to look like a hideous monster that crawled out of a bubblegum lake. Lesson of the day: NEVER PUT COLORS YOU DISLIKE ON YOUR SPARTAN!

Waypoint isn’t updated as frequently as you’d think, just play a bit more of matchmaking it’ll change eventually (after about 5 games I’d suggest) so don’t stress too much :slight_smile:

Yep, just give it some time and it will update! :slight_smile:

Pink isn’t bad! It’s another colour!