It seems that the BR is no longer a pro gun

Today i was playing with some friends and i noticed they considered the BR to be the only weapon that must be buffed and they also think it is for “machos”, and the DMR is just a n00b OP gun (dangerous combination).
And while i agreed inmediately with the last statement, the first ones made me think a lot.

Is the BR a pro gun? i think the short answer is just NO.

The DMR may be a n00b tube, and the BR certainly requires more skill to kill. But when you compare it with the LR and the CC…
The LR is technically a dumbed down version of the BR, if you do a perfect kill with the LR, the perfect kill of the BR would still win. So, the LR needs the zoom trick, wich is certainly harder to pull (and requires the Stability perk), Conclussion: Kill with the LR requires more skill than with the BR.
The CC aka “the peashooter” its the weakest gun of…well all guns (ok maybe the Supresson is worst). But leaving that out of the picture, it also requires a different way to shot, if you use a CC you cant just aim each shot individually, but instead you must follow the enemy and keep your gun pointed at him the whole time. And then its stats suck, all of them, from reload time, to the invisible messy bloom. Its harder to pull a perfect kill with the CC than the BR. Conclussion, the CC requires more skill than the BR.

So before everybody gets violent, i love the BR but in its current state it is not the pro gun, and we need it to become a pro gun again.