It’s official! They just pulled the plug :(

Well old halo is now officially dead.
Infinite is the future
God help us



Must be 20 chars apparently.


All Halos are still playable online. For that we can be grateful. If MCC didn’t exist I would be quite upset. Still sucks to see the 360 titles lose matchmaking and what not. But they’ve been barren to dead to inconsistent for a long time. Bummer though. I wish companies prioritised keeping online functionality and population healthy for previous titles.


Great, mcc.
I better take a break from the boards, or ill spit bile all night and get banned


120fps Halo 3 disagrees


I mean, it’s the same game just an upgraded version, in gameplay aspects and most quality of life changes.

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World at war still has servers with a player base of 200 people. Why can’t 343 keep the servers running for 3000 people…

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I hate MCC So it’s a lose for long time fan such as myself


Does World At War have dedicated servers? Probably the way it was coded. But also if you’re talking World At War on 360, isn’t that rampant with cheaters and modders? That doesn’t really count as being maintained.

MCC isn’t too bad anymore, but the SBMM is horrendously strict

Yeah, but the good thing is that only matchmaking and other “accessories” have been shut down.
Those still dont prevent you from playing Custom Games or coop.
And luckily, matchmaking still works on Halo 4, Halo Reach Demo, Halo Wars and Halo Spartan Assault, just like before.

Dont give up on the old games just yet, as now is the time where the old Halo community needs to be stronger and more bound together than ever before to organize matches and gamenights even without Microsoft’s or 343’s help!

for me the matchmaking servers went down at 7 Pm CET, but i sadly wasnt able to play, because my XBL subscription ran out :frowning:
I only watched other ppl play…

even those puriste eho have something to complain about mcc ( even though , easpacially halo 3 is a superior version technically speaking ( yes i know halo ce and halo 2 dosent have all fixed but well get there ). the halo reach demo , halo 4 and halo wars can still matchmake , custom games still work etc. it isnt a death its just matchmaking ranks etc. so if anyone want he can still set up games online. and guys lets be honest , i too have been playing these legacy versions for a long time ,easpacially when mcc was still broken. but halo 3 had post xbox one lauch barely more then thousand more like 300 players most of the time online. Reach had a few thousand due to mcc long time having no reach. if there was no mcc or the playerbase was at least around halo 4 era ( around halo 4 it was a few thousand to 20 k max most of the time ) then it could be argued to let the services stay up , but honestly it needed to be done at some point. sadly these games had no proper browser so custom gaming needs to be done over xbl invites etc but its possible. it is nowhere near as bad as halo 2 shutdown was pre halo reach. back then our only option to experience halo 2 again was a verry bad pc version and while mcc got better it still has some issiues but at least we get it somwhere this year for sure.

the point is tho, that mcc is not the same.
In mcc halo has almost completely lost its social aspect.
No real pre-game or post-game lobbies, barely anyone using mic’s, console and PC players mashed together, no automatic squads (once the game is over you everyone will be kicked out to search for his own, not like back in the day where you stayed with the people in the lobby, if you wanted to) and then there are those stupid skins, like that one helmet with cat ears, and other stupid crap that dont fit in to the games asthetics at all.
Like wtf, who the hell wants a cat ear helmet in a game where you shoot aliens as a super soldier…

And the thing is that younger generations, who want to get in to this francise wont have the same experience as we used to have.

Oh and Halo CE and 2 just suck on MCC @AnNoYiNgSoUnDXx
Who’s idea was it to take the old models and put on new HD textures on them to make initially inaccessible areas on the map transparent and make them look like you can shoot through them or walk in or through them.
It doesnt make any sense at all.
It just ruins the entire games experience and makes the game look cheap.

Still prefer the original Gerbox port or Halo Custom edition with the Chimera/hac2 mod installed.
the Chimera mod gives some freshed up UI, a better FOV, an new fan-based campaign and a lot more, and all of that was made by a group of hobby developers and volunteers…
Same with Halo 2 Project Cartographer.
Yes, it may be less optimized, yes it has worse graphics and is a lot buggier, but at least it has preserved the social aspects through the in game chat, which everyone can read and youre not typing to your squad only.

the thing is the features you mentioned are requested and probably will come in the future ( i too am for return of post match team up etc ), halo ce and halo 2 will get treatment confirmed, skins can be turned off for the classic experience. prople not using is not a problem related to the game ( altrough i get evry now people who chat and i always give callouts etc ) back in reach there were already people barely using mics ( why would they publicy chat instead in a party with their friends ? ). also the cat ears are a thing from infinite. yet what about the objective good features like better framerate, higher resolution, dedicatet servers, custom games browser ,match composer , improved forge , added content ( maps modes etc) proper modding tools , modern aiming , centered crosshairs for post halo 2 games ,firefightmstchmaking for odst , improved firefight ( with upcoming flood firefight for example ) , not all skins suck , what about the spi armor macworld armor cut reach armors ? , new skulls for campaign score and time trackers for halo ce and 2, they clearly are dedicated to restore the gameplay as close ( or better then the originals ) for example re added the bug for halo 2 that enabled sword flying for speedrunners etc etcwt a certain point the classic versions were at best a nostalgia trip. also project catographer is anything but polished and has only a few populated servers at best.

it really comes down on how you loot at it.
I personally dont care about most of these features youve mentioned at all, what i am talking about is the experience, the old UI, the classic games browser, old sounds, buggy custom maps to fool around on ect.
I made friends faster on Halo 2 Project Cartographer than i did on mcc DESPITE the small community and it being littered by non english speakers, which technically speaks for itself about the social features of both games.
And im not sure about those “upcoming” and “confirmed” features wether they will come any time soon to the game, as 343 is notorious for not keeping their promises.
Best example: 343 deleting old blogposts now about how they portrayed Halo Infinite to look like back when it was still in development, because the finished game doesnt resemble their expectations and promises at all.

They tell us one thing, but do it the other way.