It’s January 18th.. why can’t I turn off crossplay?

There is an option on Xbox to disable cross platform…it’s in your system settings…

Yes they’re in pc with a controller.


That’s true you can. But the game over-rides the console setting, it’s the same with CoD Warzone. You’re forced to re-enable cross play or you don’t play.

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This setting only disables 3rd party game crossplay.
Microsoft’s first-party games are all on xboxlive, as well as on the PC.
That setting only disables non-xboxlive services, notworking on first-party games.
In the cod war zone, you can set it like this, but at the very beginning, you can’t find people after you set it. I don’t know if there is any subsequent change.
It is clear that these game manufacturers are forcing players to play the game in a specific way.


Old news buddy.

Weeks ago I tried that, and guess what?

343 turns it back on…

I already posted about that weeks ago. Keep up

I agree, get rid of cross platform! I don’t care if it results in fewer players and potential longer wait times. Do it!


Yeah I was going to say… I’m on PC, I run a mighty rig. Trust me… the desync is down to the terrible, terrible netcode. Not PC users.

By the time 343 can figure out which company to outsource the fixes too the game will be long dead… 40% drop off on steam alone in the last 30 days. Its dropped 90% of its players since launch.

I hope they shutter 343, i really do. What an absolute joke of a management suit.

How do you know they were wall cheating? Ive been accused of these twice in the last week and its simply down to having a good set of headphones and the ambient sounds and game music being turned off IN THE GAME MENU.
Give it a try, its OP as hell… you can hear Spartans stomping around from the other side of Aquarius and most of the way across streets.

Honestly… why you getting wound up over a bad game for anyway, this time in 6 months this game will be a distant memory. Something that’s used as an example in universities as poor project management and bad game design.

A half a billion dollar mistake.

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Cross-play is a non-issue for me personally, I can easily compete with PC players and the good ones can easily put me in my place too.

The Server browser/region filter is my only gripe.

Having the option to play against PC players gives me much more opportunity to play lower ping games.

The console/controller only option in ranked gives me limited options and usually results in me having higher ping.

I’d good either way, but a region filter would balance out more of my issues rather than disabling crossplay.


I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. I play mostly on PC and I’ve never cheated so that suggest that not every PC player cheats.

In my 600+ games I’ve encountered one cheater so all I can say is you’ve been very unlucky.

Also there is no way you’ve gone to the effort of figuring out what platform each player, you’ve had a desync issue against, is playing on. You’re making assumptions. 343 are fixing the issue in next month’s update. Their fix will not be disabling crossplay.


Still no answer?

343 sold out to a bunch of pc bums

Was there a deadline or something?

Kinda makes it sound like January 18th was a significant point to make about Crossplay?


No deadline. Games just been out for nearly 2 months and I’m still playing on high ping exclusively against pc lobbies who use MnK.

I can only say that about halo. No other FPS or pvp game has these issues.

Kinda like talking about average players on a middle class income on PC.

Most players are playing on PC builds that are pretty average.

343 isn’t going to make crossplay optional because people are overexaggerating its problems, you don’t lose to people because they play on pc, you lose because those players are better than you anyways


It’s January 22nd. Where is the feature complete version of Halo infinite?

I dunno if that’s the reason they won’t, but it’s absolutely the case that the pro-Crossplay arguments are wildly bloated and overgassed by the hyped vocality of those propping the conjecture up.

If desync and cheating are truly an issue brought on by crossplay PC gamers, then Crossplay is merely a bandaid on a stab wound, it doesn’t fix anything it ignores it.

In all honesty it should be a simple choice, and those arguing in favor of it being a simple choice make the greatest argument for it without padding it with hyperbole.

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Let’s break this down a bit.

You’re getting high ping, how do you know it’s the PC players responsible for it? I get variable ping in lobbies that have a variety of platform representation, it doesn’t seem to be relegated to any platform in particular, just bizarre server pathing. Unfortunately can’t trace it with my current limited means of tracing.

Does MnK contribute to ping?

Is it that you don’t like playing against MnK? In which case would input segregation suffice?

Lot of claims being made without much proof. What happens when platform segregation is introduced and these problems don’t go away because the “contributing factors” weren’t actually contributing factors at all?

I’ve noticed the same thing, meaning it’s most likely a Halo (and underlying coding/server) issue rather a PC/MnK issue, and thus should be fixed rather than bandaided :slight_smile:


Please. This is a tired straw man argument. My K/D literally drops in half or worse versus a PC stack, and that’s when they aren’t using aim bots and other crap. The ability to snap turn and less recoil gives a ridiculous advantage to mouse and keyboard, not to mention better frames at a higher FOV and all the advantages a high end of brings. I understand not everyone has a super high end pc, but there are plenty who do. The option to opt out of cross play is definitely needed for those who desire to do so.

I will say region based play would help a lot too; being able to select to only connect with those in your region will fix things quite a bit as well.


PC players again, now the argument gaining traction is that PC players are the reason desync and latency exist in the first place.

I understand the individual ‘want’ to have some control over your gameplay, and in all honesty platform segregation won’t have much effect on Crossplay (MCC’s Crossplay function is very much alive and thriving despite segregation options). Instead the argument becomes bloated with scapegoat witch hunts and unverifiable claims that drum up hype and vitriol.

If someone wants platform/input segregation because they don’t like playing against perceived advantages, more power to them that’s a fair argument. It’s the bandaid solutions to stab wound problems that’s starting to irritate the crap out of me though.


It absolutely should be an option. No reason for there not to be one. Nothing is wrong with more options and letting us play the game how we want.