It’s January 18th.. why can’t I turn off crossplay?

The bullet reg/melee lunge/reg is pretty bad against pc users.

There’s no reason why halo can’t add an option to play with console users only.

Allow pc and console users to COMPLETELY TURN OFF CROSSPLAY.

No reason apex has better severs. It’s embarrassing


Bullet reg, melee etc. isn’t a platform issue, it’s an overall game problem - but crossplay should be allowed per platform too.


There are lots of reasons, you just choose to ignore them or are simply unaware of them. I’d rather they fix the issues which are plaguing the game rather than resorting to cleaving the playerbase in half.

We really don’t need a ‘100th’ crossplay thread, this topic has been discussed ad nauseam, you’re more than likely not going to get your wish.


So, what are the reasons that Halo cannot have a option to turn off crossplay?

If half the player base doesn’t want to play with the other, it’s going to just cleave itself to a different game.


the both groups pc and console don’t want to play the other

You can turn off crossplay in ranked

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It splits an already plummeting player base for a start.

They’ve already said they’re working on the network issues for next month. If they fix it will people stop trying to use PC as a scapegoat for them not being as good as the think they are?

Who will the new target be?


They want to teach you how to play games and force you to cross play.
Unlike cod, everyone I met in the halo, both PC players and controller players, wanted to turn it off.
But that’s what they want us to do.

That is incorrect. Gears 5 had the option to turn cross play off and it thrived.


Cool story.

Pc users cheat, and crossplay is a downgrade no matter the game.

Destiny crossplay somehow is better… and so is apex…

343 sold out, but I’m sure you’re unaware of that. I mean clearly


They’re asking to turn crossplay off. That’s not going to split the playerbase, but boost it. People have been asking for that for a while.

I don’t know why you’re crying about this other than to be a troll.


Assuming the population is even 50/50 to begin with. Halo has always been an xbox title, so most players are going to play there.

We’re talking about average players on a middle class income than some streamer with a $1,000 pc.


When I go against dragonXx172637 (clearly console user) everything plays well

When I go against A pc team, I no longer lunge, I die behind walls, and bullet reg is noticeably inconsistent.

Why is that?

My guess is pc builds are better and allows for lower ping/ more frames and better graphics.

No reason I should be playing against stacked pc users on MnK… unless I wanted to.

Where’s my choice?


You will get nothing and like it.

Try buying some microtransactions…that might help though

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Idc about pc users having a 3 min que time to find a match.

It won’t be that long of a que on console.

Pc users are destroying this game. So many proud cheaters and it’s gross


I’ve heard you can disable crossplay for games in the Xbox console settings. You might investigate that option before continuing to blame 343i.

The game turns it back on.

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Neither PC nor console players want to cross-play, only 343 forces us to play this way.
Just like what happened in the COD war zone,It’s just that xboxone players were the only ones who suffered, and now everyone suffers


You guys realise that all of the pro players are playing on PC now right? You split the player base and they’re coming with us.

I have a high tier PC and a Series X. I’m Onyx, barely, whether I’m on my monitor or whether I’m on my sofa in the living room. Get good.