It’s disappointing that an overhaul for the shop is missing from the Winter Update

Before I begin, I just want to say that I’m not trying to undermine the positive things that the Winter Update is bringing. There are plenty of great changes coming.

With that being said, 343’s silence on the in-game shop is disappointing to me. There isn’t nearly enough variety in it (more pages pls), and the lack of an option to purchase individual items in a bundle is frustrating. I’m glad the devs reduced shop prices earlier this year, but there should be more than 3-4 bundles in weekly rotation at a time.

I know I’m probably going to get dunked on for even wanting to buy anything the store, but I just think there could be more done to improve it.


No i agree with you on this


This is definitely the unpopular opinion.

Most of us want actual playable content to reach a finished state before 343 makes any more attempts to line their pockets.


ironically, having a finished game would line their pockets more than shop items from the few hundred holdout players that stuck around.


I 100% agree. Make a game that’s fun and that works before you add a bunch of stuff to buy

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Both of these ideas don’t have to be mutually exclusive, imo. I think adding more items to the shop can be done at the same time as fixing important issues, like desync. A shop overhaul just something I’d like to see in addition to other changes.

I’d rather have playable content than item shop overhaul.

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That’s not necessarily accurate. They prioritize what they spend development time on. Item shop is probably bottom of the list (as it should be imo). You can’t use the same devs to rework different things at the same time.

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In all fairness, I highly doubt the devs who design the shop UI are the same people tasked with fixing desync.

Probably is. Usually development teams pick up work off the roadmap based on priority. Most teams are full stack so writing the code for the shop and working on bugs would be the same dev teams just depending on rotation.

Also, UX is usually a separate team that probably made designs for the shop a while back but that doesn’t mean it will get done until shop priority comes higher on the roadmap.