It might not matter but....


I am Serus Revaanus.

A long time ago, when I used to play Reach, I would occasionally get on the waypoint forum. I remember fervently defending Armor lock.
I was wrong.

I didn’t view it as a problem with the game. and I used it frequently.
I am sorry.

I remember talking about why they shouldn’t get rid of it and people should adapt, I may have offended somebodies skill level, and maybe more people. It has been two years since, I wager. And if the person I called out on “sucking at the game” reads this, I am sorry. I really didn’t know what I was talking about, and had no right to challenge your skill. Armor lock was a crutch, and when I was forced to do without, I was weak. and bad at halo. and after violently defending it, and looking like a fool, I am ashamed. But I understand now, why I was wrong. And though I can respect the idea behind AL, and how it was supposed to be a defensive measure against grenade spamming, it was the only Al that actually acted like a separate weapon. In contrast with the addition of plasma launchers and grenade launchers to the sandbox, it would have been ok with some nerfs to its usage, and radial EMP.
But that is no excuse.

I also recall ripping into somebody about Jetpacks. where there argument was “it is not team helicopters, learn to play”

and my response was " you can look up. learn to aim".
this was also uncalled for. I am sorry, that I acted like that. As I view myself with a bit of intelligence and honor, It does not sit right with me that I behaved in such a way. And being on the receiving end of these Armor Abilities, has offered me some more appropriate perspective. I am sorry for being a part of the problem Waypoint. :frowning: So sorry.

I’m sure most people forgot about it.

yeah probably, but hey.

Sorry depending on the map , if theres a use for it then I’ll use it, for me Armor lock is not a crutch, for me on some maps (and this is the only good use , i’ve found for it), it keeps me from being road splat by Ghosts as often, use it for anything else and I still die (the only thing it does in these situations is prolong my life for a few seconds).

Jet packs , the same way, their just a way to get to a better (sometimes) vantage point.

the same for all other armor abilitys.

as for conforming to how others think you should play, screw that, if it helps bring your team to victory or even make the loss not as bad use it, if your good at a certain weapon use it, to flip to the other side, if your dominated/killed by an ability or weapon a lot, learn to use it, learn it’s limitations, learn tactics to counter it

and yes defending not just armor lock , but all armor abilitys, i even think AL should have been in H4, because they now usethe ghost and the banshee as ramming machines and I believe that would make them wonder at least, what armor ability the person their about to splat has.

In my opinion, armor lock should only be in playlists with vehicles.
It is quite nooby when in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, and I have been robbed of quite a few kills because the other team uses jetpacks or armor ability spammers.
It just takes away the skill involved to survive and thrive in a game.
For me, armor abilities are a nuisance. But so long as there isn’t one noob (or the whole friggin enemy team has jetpacks, armor lock, or active camo) who stands out in the game and helps his team along because he relied on an armor ability, they are tolerable.

You’ve matured. You’ve discovered why those things were unfair, why people hate them, and why they should be changed. You’ve come to appreciate fair gameplay.

Now if only the rest of the community could do the same.

Anyways, apology accepted. Many of us were probably like that at one point.

> it keeps me from being road splat by Ghosts as often

> gives me a better vantage point at times

I.e. exactly what crutches do. You could have stuck to high ground or caverns to avoid ghosts. You could have fought for control at the top of the map for a vantage point.

Instead you choose defense at the press of a button.

God I hate Armor Lock. It’s only good for trolling.

LunaticOne, I do agree with you that it has a use. and I want to make it clear, I am not trying to adhere to anybody else desires. But I also feel there is less honor in using the cheapest route to victory. And while I appreciate your support on playing as I feel, I simply feel that I abused it’s capabilities in order to be indomitable
in close quarters combat. I don’t know if that was what it was intended for. But on “Ghost” maps and with people spawning with plasma grenades, I would agree that it would have been more appropriate in Halo 4.

But then again, maybe it would have further solidified the idea that the vehicles are severely at a disadvantage. who knows man?